Weapon:Oak-hafted spear carved with a dragon

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oak-hafted spear carved with a dragon
Look: Inlaid in darker black ironwood, a serpentine seven-clawed dragon coils around the length of the oak haft. Its jaws are open in a malicious grin that reveals sharp fangs to dig into the obsidian spear point, holding it securely in place.
Type: Polearms \ Heavy Thrown
Range: melee
Puncture: great (11/28)
Slice: fair (5/28)
Impact: somewhat fair (4/28)
Force of Impact: poorly (3/17)
Balance: reasonably (7/17)
Suitedness: decently (6/17)
Construction: rather reinforced (11/18)
Metal: No
Weight: 50 stones
Appraised Cost: 87,500 Kronars
70,000 Lirums
63,140 Dokoras
87.5 LTBpoints
87.5 Tickets
87.5 Scrips
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Dragon Dreams (2), Dragon Dreams