Weapon:Finely chiseled obsidian battle axe

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finely chiseled obsidian battle axe
Look: Though the axe is obviously handmade, it looks to be the work of a dedicated craftsman, as the stone has been chipped and knapped to a smooth finish. The haft is worked from ironwood and is sanded smooth.
Type: Heavy Edged
Puncture: dismal (1/28)
Slice: very heavy (10/28)
Impact: heavy (9/28)
Force of Impact: inadequately (4/17)
Balance: poorly (3/17)
Suitedness: very well (10/17)
Construction: highly protected (13/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 45 stones
Appraised Cost: 3,750 Kronars
3,000 Lirums
2,706 Dokoras
3.75 LTBpoints
3.75 Tickets
3.75 Scrips
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Prison Riot: The Aftermath