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Iayn says, "Okay, let's see."
Iayn says, "Warpaint is now available."
Iayn says, "It's not intended to be a primary system."
Iayn says, "But it is not insignificant either."
Iayn says, "And, with luck, it may even expand, who knows."
Iayn says, "You start with a paintstick, and STUDY will give you the commands you can use with it."
Iayn says, "Once you've applied the warpaint, depending on the type of warpaint, barbarians can use it in certain ways."
Iayn says, "Not all paintsticks have all of the barbarian features."
Iayn says, "The basic ones have none."
Iayn says, "Some, you can SCREAM WARPAINT."
Iayn says, "Some, you can MEDITATE WARPAINT."
Iayn says, "Some, you can CONCENTRATE WARPAINT."
Iayn says, "Some, you can STARE WARPAINT."
Iayn says, "The best paints can be used in all four of those ways."
Iayn says, "some, just one or two."
Iayn says, "I'll let you play with them and figure out what they do."
Iayn says, "Each of them causes some wear and tear on your warpaint."
Iayn says, "and what they do can vary depending on a number of factors."
Iayn says, "The paints also have some passive effects, which I'm sure those of you wearing them have seen."
Iayn says, "They can be scary."
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "You can paint others with warpaint, and there are advantages to doing so."
Iayn says, "There are some mech requirements for the various painting actions."
Iayn says, "Nothing too bad, but young players aren't going to be able to use it right away."
Iayn says, "They can always be painted by a bigger barbarian."
Iayn says, "Only barbarians can apply paint, but they can apply it to anyone."
Iayn says, "Of course, to be painted, "
Iayn says, "you have to consent the barbarian,"
Iayn says, "be friendly to the barbarian,"
Iayn says, "and, most importantly,"
Iayn says, "KNEEL to the barbarian."
Iayn exclaims, "Yes, we have brought all the other guilds to us on their knees!"
Iayn says, "So any non-barb you see with warpaint,"
Iayn says, "You know for a fact,"
Iayn says, "has knelt to a barbarian."
Iayn says, "Do me a favor and point that out as much as possible."
Iayn says, "Portals are open folks, with a hop back too."
Iayn says, "Now, people can flinch while being painted, that's normal."
Iayn says, "It can happen."
Iayn shrugs.
Iayn says, "The combinations are endless."
Iayn says, "Ten locations, 38 patterns, innumerable colors especially when you count combinations."
Iayn says, "You can only combine up to two colors by the way."
Iayn says, "Yep, there should be 48 patterns when you rotate through them on the paintstick."
Iayn gets a blue paintstick from inside his leather baldric.
Iayn says, "Turn paintstick rotates through them all."
Iayn says, "Oh, if I said 38 I was off by ten."
Iayn says, "There's something that I don't think anyone has found yet."
Iayn says, "I'll hold off on that though."
Iayn says, "combining paints."
Iayn says, "You can only combine the same types."
Iayn says, "So you can't combine a plunderer with a savage."
Iayn says, "Although that might be good with people, its not good with warpaint."
Iayn says, "Combining the same color, you just get a bigger paintstick."
Iayn says, "combining two different colors you get a two color stick and lose some of the uses in the tradeoff."
Iayn says, "By uses I mean number of applications."
Iayn says, "So a 10 use blue and a 10 use white don't make a twenty use blue and white"
Iayn says, "and if they do for some reason, consider it a feature until I get around to it."
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "Honestly, I'd have to check if it gives you a ten use blue and white or something a bit more uses but less than 20."
Iayn says, "you can see that easy enough with study."
Iayn says, "there will be custom warpaint"
Iayn says, "Niamah and I have custom warpaint on."

Iayn: Painted across his face is a broad swath of night-black and white warpaint that covers his forehead, eyes, and right cheek and swipes down and across his heavily muscled torso. Black and white warpaint covers Iayn's massive biceps and forearms with angular barbaric symbols of death and destruction.

Niamah: Painted on the right side of her face are wide jagged lines of coal-black and bone-white warpaint that continue down her neck and right arm. A mesmerizing pattern of Barbarian symbols for death, battle, and victory flow over Niamah's torso and down the right leg.

Iayn says, "Ah, good, combining stays at ten, that's intended."
Iayn says, "Custom paint will be available after I make sure everything is working correctly."
Iayn says, "I don't want to take your money on that before its all working well."
Iayn says, "Everything is looking very good so far though."
Iayn says, "It is merchant alterer only, and there are some rules."
Iayn says, "1. The odds of you getting more than one custom warpaint ever, are very very slim."
Iayn says, "so think it over and get what you want the first time."
Iayn says, "2. It has to by symbolic in nature, Osgeth might ask for your reasons."
Iayn says, "3. It has to be something that could be painted in about a minute, no super detailed tattoo-like warpaint patterns."
Iayn says, "4. It can have whatever colors you want, but Osgeth has the final say, some things he might not do."
Iayn says, "5. Try to keep it relatively short and pithy."
Iayn says, "6. Not everyone is going to get custom paint, it is a limited limited item."
Iayn says, "But we'll do our best."
Iayn says, "On an ooc note, it cannot have a lot of "your" or "his/hers" in it."
Iayn says, "at most three, and it might have to have less, depending on the actual description."
Iayn says, "that's a technical limitation, so I can't relax that."
Iayn says, "custom warpaint kits will have a lot of uses, like ten to twenty paintsticks worth, maybe more,"
Iayn says, "and they will be refillable."
Iayn says, "They won't be cheap, at least the cost of the paint that's in them."
Iayn says, "I wanted to give you all the details on them since the rules are more specific than usual."
Iayn says, "Now, let's see."
Iayn says, "Only Osgeth will be refilling them."
Iayn asks, "Has anyone tried applying warpaint to a helpless target yet?"
Iayn smirks.
Iayn says, "I guess I'll show you that."
Niamah glances at Iayn.
Niamah says, "Don't even think about it."
Iayn says, "Well, Gash was here firt."
Iayn says, "first, even."
Iayn smears his hand with warpaint and slaps it onto Gash's face, leaving a mark for all to see.
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "I'll let you figure out what constitutes "helpless""
Iayn says, "When they are helpless, just APPLY PAINT TO HELPLESS TARGET"
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "Well, I made him helpless"
Iayn says, "then applied"
Iayn says, "Now"
Iayn says, ",,,,"
Iayn says, "it's loud in here so I can do that, so keep it down a bit."
Iayn says, "You are on your own with that and consent."
Iayn says, "CLEAN PAINT to remove it."
Iayn grins at Gash.
Gash scrubs at the warpaint on his right cheek.
Gash scrubs and cleans the warpaint off his right cheek.
Iayn says, "it's PAINT on a smear like that."
Iayn says, "not WARPAINT."
Iayn says, "warpaint is the good stuff."
Iayn says, "Okay, there's a bit more."
Magdar grins at Iayn.
Iayn says, "If you have a helpless target."
Iayn says, "Like Magdar, perhaps."
Iayn says, "And you have a paintstick,"
Iayn says, "and you have something like this."
Iayn gets a wooden stamp from inside his leather baldric.
Iayn waves a wooden stamp around.
Iayn says, "And you APPLY PAINT TO MAGDAR"
Iayn smears his wooden stamp with warpaint and slams the stamp onto Magdar's face, leaving his mark for all to see.

You see Kuniyo's Fist Magdar Bluefletch, Legendary Barbarian of M'Riss, a Dwarf.
He has deep-set stormy grey eyes and a broken nose. His bright orange-streaked golden brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn arranged in a mohawk. He has copper skin and a brawny build. Painted on his face in fresh blue is "Kick Me."

Iayn says, "you can stamp them."
Xixist asks, "Work for makers marks?"
Xixist grins.
Iayn grins at Xixist.
Iayn says, "dunno, try it."
Xixist says, "I shall indeed"
Iayn asks, "Looks awful similar, no?"
Xixist smiles.
Iayn grins at Xixist.
Iayn says, "The stamps on helpless, and the smears, fade away much faster than regular warpaint."
Iayn says, "Again, with the stamps, like the smears, there are consent issues."
Iayn says, "I'm not giving black and white rules, but all regular consent guidelines apply."
Iayn says, "There will be wooden stamps available."
Iayn looks as if he were concentrating for a second, then a devious grin spreads across his face.
Iayn ponders.
Iayn says, "Let's see."
Iayn says, "Now, just a bit of financial advice here."
Iayn says, "maybe you don't want to waste your plunderer paint on stamping the dead."
Iayn says, "but maybe you do."
Iayn shrugs.
Iayn says, "Hell, the colors are cooler."
Iayn asks, "Oh, did I say dead?"
Iayn says, "Helpless."
Iayn says, "Dead is pretty helpless."
Iayn says, "so are other things."
Iayn says, "Okay, I think I covered most of the basics."
Iayn says, "I'm going to quiet it down again and open a list."
Iayn says, "Oh, another thing."
Iayn says, "As much as I don't want to give out things before they are done,"
Iayn says, "the plan is to replace the titles affecting roars,"
Iayn says, "with warpaint."
Iayn says, "So your warpaint will affect your roars."
Iayn says, "There are only two roars that take titles into consideration."
Iayn says, "but I know that's been a longstanding beef for some."
Iayn says, "Plan is yes, without meditating or any of that."
Iayn says, "So instead of a title check, there would be a check for your warpaint."
Iayn says, "that's a ways off yet, but that's our plan."
Iayn puts his paintstick in his leather baldric.
Iayn puts his stamp in his leather baldric.
Iayn gets a speaker's staff.
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Iayn says, "list is open"
Iayn asks, "can't join it?"
Iayn says, "bah"
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Iayn asks, "try now?"
Iayn says, "Okay, we'll just do it the old fashioned way I suppose."
Iayn says, "Okay, raise hands."
Iayn says, "Now that is odd."
Iayn says, "Vinjince."
Vinjince laughs!
Iayn asks, "got a question?"
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Vinjince says, "Alright... did you already explain all the things warpaint does? I got here a little late..."
Niamah adds her name to the speaker's list.
Iayn says something in Lore speech.
Iayn says, "Okay, try JOIN LIST now folks."
Iayn scowls.
Vinjince asks, "Do the question have to be about warpaint? Or can it be about other stuff?"
Iayn says, "No, its here and open."
Iayn scowls.
Iayn says, "give me a moment."
Iayn just closed the speaker's list.
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Iayn says, "Checking on the list. Meanwhile just ask and I'll field them best I can."
Iayn says, "Sable masks cover the warpaint."
Iayn says, "All warpaint includes part on your face, and that's the part that really matters."
Iayn says, "No circle restriction."
Iayn says, "Warpaint can last several hours, if you don't use the barbarian abilities."
Iayn says, "Stats and skills and such things increase that time"
Iayn says, "Any design for custom, subject to Osgeth's say so."
Iayn says, "MEDITATE is one use, STARE is another use, CONCENTRATE is another, and SCREAM yet another."
Iayn says, "each does something different."
Iayn says, "Nets you need to address to combat team."
Iayn says, "You will have to test to see what each does."
Iayn says, "Stats matter as to skills."
Iayn just closed the speaker's list.
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Iayn says, "Yes, they can affect those that look at you."
Iayn says, "Okay, I'm going to scroll back and check questoins, hold a moment on new ones please."
Iayn says, "Designs and locations can affect your warpaint. Not usually, but they can."
Iayn says, "Warpaint is not for horses now and isn't really planned at this point."
Iayn says, "MEDITATE is one of the barbarian abilities with warpaint, though not every type of warpaint."
Iayn says, "No plans for camouflage paint yet, but maybe."
Iayn says, "Spirit paints are the custom warpaint."
Iayn says, "Warpaint is available only at Osgeth's now."
Iayn says, "Okay, silent while I catch up on questions."
Iayn says, "Paints are only as Osgeth's, which might move around, but no promises. And it's not on mer'kresh."
Iayn says, "Smudging warpaint isn't good, but its not real bad."
Iayn says, "Not going to kill you."
Iayn says, "Custom paints will generally last a bit longer than paintsticks."
Iayn says, "Osgeth's isn't closing up fast."
Iayn says, "But won't be there permanently."
Iayn says, "A very limited amount of warpaint might make its way to the barbarian guild shop."
Iayn says, "Excellent."
Iayn says, "Thanks Niamah."
Iayn says, "but osgeth's is not going to be a one time appearance."
Iayn says, "It will be like origami, the best selection is merchant only, but some will be generally available"
Iayn offers Niamah a speaker's staff.
Iayn says, "Okay, got a list."
Iayn grins.
Niamara asks, "Will the effects of naptha be amplified on painted people?"
Iayn asks, "Why would they?"
Niamara says, "Paint is flammable I thought."
Iayn says, "No is the answer."
Niamara nods.
Iayn says, "Not enough to give mages an advantage."
Iayn asks, "Anything else?"
Niamara says, "Well, not war paint related."
Iayn says, "Sure, go ahead."
Niamara asks, "But, how are we doing on being able to forget, uhm, forbidden lore?"
Iayn says, "That is in the works."
Niamara exclaims, "Thank you!"
Iayn says, "It will probably be part of meditations."
Iayn says, "Which, as you might guess, got sidetracked with the warpaint development."
Niamara says, "I am done, thank you."
Iayn exclaims, "Maulem!"
Maulem says, "1) Paint cases to reduce inventory count? 2) Patterns teachable by players to expand the system, similar to smoke images? 3) Do colors or patterns make a difference or just look purtier? 4) Thanks so much for bringing us a kick arse warpaint system."
Niamah blinks.
Maulem says, "Ok so I had time to prepare."
Niamah chortles softly at some secret joke.
Maulem chuckles.
Iayn says, "1) no, but we'll see 2) no, and probably not (though maybe a while down the road) 3) design and location CAN make a difference, though seldom" Iayn says, "4) You're welcome, and thanks."
Iayn exclaims, "Pythol!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Pythol and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Pythol asks, "will the paint ever be able to be applied to someone wearing a forehead gem? and do they have any affects on berserks or dances? What are the benefits to a non barb wearing warpaint other than intimidation?"
Pythol leans forward and rests his chin in his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face.
Iayn says, "Forehead gems, facepaint, and warpaint are mutually exclusive. They can affect berserks and dances though not exactly directly. Non-barbs can pretend they are a member of the best guild."
Iayn grins.
Iayn exclaims, "Korutu!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Korutu and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Korutu shifts his weight.
Korutu says, "Ok..."
Korutu asks, "So not tied into meditations at all?"
Korutu says, "The sign made me so hopeful..."
Iayn says, "Well, meditations aren't really out, so no."
Korutu says, "Ok."
Korutu asks, "You mentioned combining the same color makes a larger painstick right?"
Iayn says, "But I wouldn't be surprised if when meditations are out, that they tie in to warpaint in a not-insignificant way."
Korutu says, "Gotcha"
Iayn says, "Yep, two paintsticks of same color and type you can make a bigger one."
Iayn says, "to a limit."
Korutu asks, "There a limit on combinin?"
Korutu says, "Oh"
Korutu says, "Yer good."
Niamah leans on Iayn.
Iayn says, "Yes, no paintlogs, they are paintsticks."
Korutu asks, "Telling that limit?"
Iayn says, "I forget it to be honest."
Korutu says, "One last one."
Iayn says, "It's not that high."
Iayn says, "around thirty I think."
Korutu says, "On the sign in the meditation room, it mentioned something about finding your own color or pattern."
Iayn says, "thirty uses, not thirty paintsticks."
Korutu says, "Something along those lines."
Iayn nods to Korutu.
Korutu says, "I can't quite recall"
Iayn says, "That's the custom paint."
Korutu says, "Ok."
Korutu says, "That's all I've got. Great system."
Iayn says, "Glad you like it."
Iayn exclaims, "Wilstead!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Wilstead and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Wilstead asks, "will us'ns ever foridge up ingredients an' mek paints, maybe in small amounts?"
Iayn says, "I would like that to happen."
Iayn says, "Honestly that would be a very big amount of work."
Iayn says, "So it is going to wait other guild development."
Wilstead nods.
Wilstead nods.
Iayn says, "I think that would be great though."
Iayn asks, "Anything else?"
Wilstead says, "nossir"
Iayn exclaims, "Keirwolf!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Keirwolf and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Keirwolf asks, "Does color of paint matter or just the level of the paint as far as effectivness goes? And are the patterns like roars... I can't get effect from Dragon till I get Dragon dance.... that sort of thing?"
Iayn ponders.
Iayn says, "Okay, I'll save you folks a lot of time."
Iayn says, "color is cosmetic."
Iayn says, "though that could change."
Keirwolf nods to Iayn.
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "Anyone can use any pattern."
ayn says, "Though its up to you if you want to keep some as barb only."
Iayn exclaims, "Magdar!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Magdar and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Magdar says, "Greetings Iayn"
Magdar asks, "Does warpaint affect dance power or time? If so, is the boost still limited by global caps?"
Iayn says, "Thanks for volunteering earlier."
Magdar says, "no worries"
Iayn says, "does not directly affect it, no."
Magdar says, "let me repeat that"
Magdar says, "lost some of it."
Iayn says, "And global caps are always in place, or should be."
Magdar asks, "can I stamp my backpack?"
Niamah chuckles at Magdar.
Magdar says, "It looks pretty helpless to me."
Iayn chuckles.
Iayn says, "nope."
Iayn says, "Right now stamps are only for helpless people."
Iayn says, "You cannot stamp yourself either."
Magdar says, "ahh, I keep my mark in my vault"
Iayn says, "Though I'm thinking about adding that in, but am not positive about it."
Magdar says, "hate to loose it.
Magdar says, "so I would like a stamp to match.."
Iayn nods to Magdar.
Magdar says, "but that will come later with the merchant I guess"
Iayn says, "Osgeth can make custom stamps."
Iayn says, "And another merchant may be around who makes stamps."
Magdar says, "so I could get the right paint."
Iayn says, "Well, colors may get effects."
Magdar says, "does appling it teach mech..."
Iayn says, "But that would limit the number of colors in some ways."
Magdar says, "I am sure you will let us know."
Iayn says, "No, it does not teach."
Magdar asks, "and if not, why not?"
Iayn says, "But does require some relatively low amounts of mech."
Magdar begins pouting.
Niamah chuckles.
Iayn says, "That may be added in, it would be a very very small amount that it would teach."
Magdar says, "ok, that is it.. nice patterns."
Iayn says, "It would never teach someone of your skill."
Magdar says, "aye, and expensive.. 10 uses"
Magdar says, "more expensive than orgami."
Iayn says, "Well, that is ten applicatoins."
Niamah asks, "Now?"
Iayn says, "Each application has a number of uses of the barbarian abilities."
Magdar says, "thanks"
Magdar bows to Iayn.
Iayn says, "Certainly."
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Bezakiel and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Iayn exclaims, "Bezakiel!"
Bezakiel says, "First off, tanks fer dis meeting. It's gonna save us all a lot o' headaches..maybe.."
Bezakiel chuckles.
Bezakiel asks, "I'd like teh be able teh paint symblos and designs on things instead of just people, things like me blades, armor, shields, packs.....random mage guild halls.....jest for looks. Do-able? Also, any chance of getting racial paints, like Toggish or Dwarven symbols? Er would anythin like dat be custom..?"
Bezakiel pants.
Iayn says, "Custom possibly."
Iayn says, "But subject to all the regular limits on such symbols in alterations."
Iayn asks, "Painting things?"
Iayn says, "I hadn't thought about it too much, warpaint is really for painting people. Maybe horses at some point in the future."
Bezakiel says, "Aye, I'd love teh have me claymore covered in Barbaric symbols"
Iayn says, "I doubt it would expand to painting things."
Bezakiel nods.
Iayn says, "Well, there are alterers for that."
Bezakiel says, "Ture"
Bezakiel says, "err true"
ayn says, "Racial symbols will likely only appear in custom paint."
Bezakiel bows to Iayn.
Avalyska is next.
Iayn says, "but the patterns may expand, we'll see."
Iayn exclaims, "Avalyska!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Avalyska and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before her.
Avalyska says, "Thanks. Got lots questions for ya, actually. Hope it's okay. First ones about the warpaint..."
Avalyska bows to Iayn.
Iayn says, "Sure, go ahead."
Niamah raises an eyebrow.
Iayn says, "I have good multi."
Avalyska asks, "About the affect it has on others, does it weaken them all around or just against us? And what exactly gets weakened? Are they weakened even if they don't look at us, since we do look fierce even if they aren't taking specific notice?"
Niamah asks, "I get to kill after five yes?"
Iayn nods to Niamah.
Avalyska chuckles at Niamara.
Niamah nods.
Avalyska says, "Er.. I hope not."
Avalyska winces.
Iayn says, "I'm not giving out those specific details."
Iayn asks, "Next group of questions?"
Avalyska nods to Iayn.
Avalyska says, "Do you still plan on reducing IF cost for berserks? Is it still in the works?""
Iayn says, "That is in the works and being tested."
Avalyska says, "Okay.. last one.."
Avalyska asks, "Are you considering working on the DESCRIBE verb to work similar to how thieves mark, but in a barbarian way to appraise them?"
Iayn asks, "to give information about the combat prowess of who you described?"
Avalyska nods to Iayn.
Avalyska says, "Aye."
Iayn says, "It's on the list but a very low priority."
Avalyska nods.
Avalyska says, "Thank you for the new system, by the way."
Iayn says, "You're welcome."
Avalyska exclaims, "Oh.. and one request!"
Avalyska asks, "Can we get a fire or flame pattern?"
Iayn chuckles.
Niamah counts her fingers.
Avalyska says, "For inner fire and all."
Avalyska twitches an ear nervously.
Avalyska glances at Niamara.
Niamah grumbles.
Niamah says, "Only four"
Iayn says, "If/when I add more, sure."
Avalyska beams at Iayn!
Avalyska exclaims, "Thanks!"
Iayn says, "Yep."
Avalyska bows to Iayn.
Avalyska bows to Niamara.
Avalyska says, "That's all."
Iayn asks, "that was six, no?"
Iayn glances at Niamah.
Avalyska gulps.
Iayn asks, "seven?"
Niamah counts again.
Iayn chuckles.
Niamah gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.
Xixist is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Xixist!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Xixist and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Xixist nods.
Iayn says, "you cannot use flails as stamps."
Xixist says, "First of..Huzzah! ...we are all overwhelmed by this barbaric attention...we are so not used to it ..and let me state that now that this epic endeavour has been completed, you may be allowed to delv into meditations with more zeal"
Niamah grumbles.
Niamah says, "I hate that rule."
Iayn grins.
Xixist says, "I await my custom salamander and Ulf'Hara Fist stamps"
Iayn says, "Meditations are now a priority. Warpaint sort of evolved suddenly on its own."
Xixist bows.
Iayn chuckles.
Xixist says, "I said nuff"
Xixist nods.
Niamah says, "I like him."
Niamah nods.
Iayn says, "I like pithy barbs."
Gurt is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Gurt!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Gurt and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Gurt asks, "1.Can we mix two colors to apply on others? I experimented today and could mix them and apply them to me but when I tried to mix colors on someone else I ended up applyin it on myself instead. 2. LOVE the new system, thanks to everyone who helped make it so. 3. In case someones not told ya yet, feature hiding masks when worn hide paint on body parts as well. 4 Did I mention thanks for the sweet system?" Gurt says, "Also had time to prepare"
Gurt asks, "also could we turn my paintstick to 'skull' in the future instead of turning it 48 times?"
Niamah says, "Only four"
Niamah raises an eyebrow.
Gurt edges away from Niamara.
Iayn says, "i counted six."
Niamah nods to Iayn.
Iayn says, "I'm not sure what problem you had applying to others."
Niamah rubs her hands together.
Iayn says, "Sounds like you might have had the syntax wrong."
Gurt says, "OK I'll mess with it some more."
Gurt nods.
Gurt gets an olive-green paintstick from inside his jade green backpack.
Iayn says, "Yes, masks hide the warpaint everywhere, there is not an easy solution to that."
Iayn says, "Warpaint is closely tied to your face."
Iayn says, "lose your head and you lose your warpaint."
Gurt nods to Navak.
Gurt says, "Thank you Navak."
Niamah snickers.
Iayn says, "But if you lose an arm, the warpaint knows."
Iayn grins.
Iayn says, "Regular armor won't hide warpaint."
Iayn says, "The turn idea is a good one, I'll look into it."
Gurt says, "The bandit masks in particular."
Iayn says, "There should be a new folder on the boards by the way."
Gurt says, "hide features when worn, is armor just so ya know. Case you didnt."
Iayn says, "Armor that hides features is different than normal armor."
Niamah asks, "Now?"
Gurt nods to Iayn.
Gurt says, "THank you."
Iayn says, "I'm going to look closer at feature hiding items and warpaint, but its not a real high priority."
Niamah nods.
Iayn says, "Yep."
Rikulf is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Rikulf!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Rikulf and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Rikulf says, "First and foremost, thanks to everyone for all the hard work. It's truly appreciated."
Rikulf mumbles a word of general praise.
Rikulf asks, "You mentioned Osgeth's would be closing, will the tent remain for us to purchase paint? Or will it go with him?"
Iayn says, "The tent will be there for a while, it's not going to vanish real soon."
Rikulf asks, "but eventually it will be gone totally?"
Iayn says, "And I believe Vishlan was buying a lot there the other day."
Iayn says, "Yes."
Rikulf nods.
Iayn says, "But it will return from time to time."
Rikulf says, "ah, good"
Rikulf asks, "Should warpaint that has been applied to other guilds cause people to get wide eyed or shudder when they look at them?"
Iayn says, "It's working as intended now, but I am watching it and may be changing that a bit."
Rikulf says, "That is all, thank you again for your work and patience with our questions"
Rikulf nods to Iayn.
Iayn says, "The savage fights are going to pick up again very soon in response to Maulem's whisper to me."
Niamah chuckles.
Navak is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Navak!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Navak and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Navak says, "So, first of all just wanted to let you know I'll accept cooking things for my savage pit prize."
Navak nods.
Navak asks, "Anyway, applying warpaint to others provides a positive benefit to them?"
Iayn says, "Some, but nothing too great."
Iayn says, "Can actually be a detriment."
Iayn grins evilly.
Navak chuckles.
Iayn says, "A very significant part of warpaint is the RP aspect."
Navak says, "Oh, I'm being asked if the list is going to be opened again..."
Iayn says, "That's why its open to anyone to wear."
Navak nods.
Iayn says, "Yeah, we'll open another."
Niamah glances at Iayn.
Iayn says, "Hey, its more chance to kill someone."
Niamah asks, "More than one question each costs a lomb??"
Iayn says, "sounds good to me."
Niamah says, "Limb"
Niamah nods.
Iayn asks, "sixth is the neck?"
Niamah gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.
Navak asks, "Is the "generic always on effect" from warpaint just one thing like say intimidation or are there multiple effects?"
Iayn says, "Niamah helped quite a bit with the warpaint by the way."
Navak says, "I can lose multiple limbs and still kill the opponent so I can take it."
Niamah just opened the speaker's list.
Iayn says, "Not going into specifics on that at this point."
Navak nods.
Iayn says, "You can play around and figure that out I think."
Navak nods.
Iayn says, "You're pretty good at that."
Navak says, "Yowanaka kasnaka, smolgi."
A dappled Forfedharian tarupamki lopes away.
Navak says, "That was it."
Navak nods.
Iayn says, "Two minute break here folks."
Niamah asks, "Done?
Niamah nods to Iayn.
Niamah says, "Need ale"
Navak yawns expansively.
Iayn says, "Okay."
Iayn says, "Whenever Niamah's ready I am."
Iayn drinks his Magic Hat Number 9 ale.
Kotyss is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Kotyss!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Kotyss and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Kotyss says, "thank you..."
Kotyss asks, "is the cost of the paint solely tied into it's power of effect or can the cheaper paints be more powerful in specific instances where the more expensive paint might be the more versatile? Basicly, is there a reason to buy the cheaper paint other then cost effectiveness?"
Niamah says, "Wow"
Iayn says, "The more expensive paints have more of the barbarian uses."
Niamah chuckles.
Kotyss says, "also, will osgeth be listing some form of schedule for when he will be doing custom work, hara is not exactly a fun place to be if you can't hunt there" Iayn says, "But if you just want the RP or to stamp others without wasting you good paint, basic is the way to go."
Kotyss nods.
Iayn says, "The colors are different, but that is not necessarily staying the same."
Iayn says, "So the colors that are "basic" now, may not be "basic" next time."
Iayn says, "And the plunderer paints have by far the biggest color selection."
Kotyss says, "Noticed that, just didn't want to stock up on just those and find out I should of got zerker paints for berserks or something"
Iayn says, "Try the four verbs I mentioned, you'll figure out pretty quickly which types of paints do what."
Kotyss says, "I missed out on all that"
Iayn says, "Oh, while I'm thinking about it, there are more effective ways to clean the warpaint off."
Iayn asks, "anything else?"
Kotyss asks, "Just the thing about osgeth, whether or not we will know when he will be around?"
Iayn says, "Just like any other alterer."
Iayn says, "or merchant."
Iayn says, "He really sells custom things, doesn't alter per se."
Kotyss nods.
Niamah says, "4..3...2...1..."
Niamah glances at Iayn.
Kotyss says, "thanks"
Iayn says, "All yours."
Zerax is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Zerax!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Zerax and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Zerax says, "Well, I would like to thank you for this. It's great to see something so new."
Iayn says, "Certainly."
Iayn says, "It was a lot of fun putting together, and more fun to watch."
Zerax asks, "My only real question left is; Do the different types of paint last for different durations, assuming that you don't use the abilities?"
Stamp the dead mages.
Iayn says, "Duration is dependent on the painter to an extent, but not the type of paint."
Iayn says, "With the one exception of custom, which being the highest quality, lasts a little longer usually."
Wilmer is next.
Zerax bows.
Iayn exclaims, "Wilmer!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Wilmer and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Wilmer beams!
Wilmer grumbles.
Wilmer says, "Is there an attainable cap to the benifits of the paint? Like would there be a real benifit for say a 100th barb applying paint to a 90th circle barb? Next, would you consider taking a look at the prices for the bar in the crossing guild? They seem a bit steep."
Niamah laughs!
Wilmer says, "Also, will we see any Olvi guild leadership anytime soon? We seem a bit underrepresented. I mean the Gnomes even have a dance master! Oh yea, can we get a title for swan dance? I really think we should have one cause that's the only dance I got and I wanna rough and tumble swan dance title! Oh ya, got anything to eat? This thing is messing with my snack schedule."
Iayn chuckles.
Iayn says, "We tried to get an olvi leader but they just wanted to smoke pipes."
Iayn says, "Not sure what was in the pipe."
Wilmer exclaims, "Shadegrown!"
Iayn says, "The quality of the warpaint is aided by stats and skills, and its easier to paint someone else than to paint yourself, especially without a mirror handy."
Iayn says, "there are caps to warpaint effects of course."
Wilmer chuckles.
Iayn says, "I'll add prices in the bar to my list, but Rushleel has got to make a living."
Wilmer exclaims, "Ya, but not a months worth of living off one shot!"
Iayn says, "There will be more titles when phase II of titles go in, that's not my project, though I help with the titles themselves."
Iayn says, "You're on your own for food."
Iayn says, "Rushleel has expensive habits."
Iayn says, "And you better hope Niamah lost count."
Wilmer gulps.
Niamah grumbles.
Wilmer says, "I don't do math so well..."
Wilmer fidgets nervously.
Iayn chuckles.
Wilmer gets some lawn-gnome jellybeans from inside his backpack.
Niamah says, "yer done right..."
Wilmer takes a bite of the jellybeans.
Wilmer nods.
Wilmer nods.
Wilmer says, "Thank you."
Niamah nods.
Iayn nods.
Barzella is next.
Wilmer says, "for everything."
Iayn exclaims, "Barzella!"
Wilmer takes a bite of the jellybeans.
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Barzella and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before her.
Barzella flexes her bulging biceps. Looks like she could lift a horse!
Barzella says, "can't grin though"
Niamah lets out a hearty cheer for Barzella!
Niamah coughs.
Barzella says, "anyway. 2 questions from this tog"
Iayn says, "Well, this is a very serious meeting."
Iayn says, "No grinning."
Barzella says, "does swim wash off warpaint, like can't get to rossman without swim, and get there and have it wash off wouldn't be good. or fight critters in water like vipers. does that wash it off."
Barzella says, "other question"
Iayn says, "Well, you could find out easy enough."
Iayn says, "But no, right now water doesn't wash it off."
Iayn says, "It fades with time though."
Niamah says, "I like yer first answer."
Barzella says, "good. cause right now i fight mostly vipers in haven."
Niamah glances at Iayn.
Iayn chuckles.
Barzella hums to herself.
Barzella says, "next question:"
Iayn says, "Niamah is tougher than me on answers."
Barzella says, "any restrict on where can put it on body, like with tattoo, i couldn't put tattoo on my chest. cause girl-tog"
Barzella points at herself.
Iayn asks, "You mean with custom paint?"
Barzella asks, "and can you put on same place on body as already have tattoo?"
Barzella traces a tattoo of a skull and crossbones that is on her shoulder.
Iayn says, "the locations for regular paint are right with the paintstick."
Iayn says, "You can paint over a tattoo, and you'll see both."
Barzella nods.
Iayn says, "Has to be one of the locations on the paintstick."
Barzella says, "ah, so have to buy paintstick with different body part printed on it."
Iayn says, "No."
Iayn says, "Paintsticks will show you the locations, same for all of them."
Barzella asks, "oh, okay. so won't know til after buy?"
Barzella says, "okay"
Iayn says, "the torso location is not limited by gender."
Iayn says, "works the same for everyone."
Iayn says, "your painting yourself,"
Barzella says, "good"
Barzella nods.
Iayn says, "or, consenting and kneeling for someone else to do so."
Niamah hums to herself.
Niamah asks, "Done now?"
Barzella says, "okay. people be whispering answers to this tog."
Iayn grins.
Barzella hunkers down and looks sort of cute, in a gigantic hairless way.
Barzella nods.
Niamah chortles softly at some secret joke.
Torgahr is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Torgahr!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at Torgahr and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Torgahr hums to himself.
Torgahr asks, "Thanks to you both for the warpaint, we're loving it in Plat. I'd like to say I'm impressed with the itemization of Barbarians what with warpaint and roar helms to give us more tools at our disposal. There has been ideas for warhorns, and other abilities to increase spawn rates in hunting areas, are there any plans to give us an ability, item, or something to increase spawn rates in hunting areas?"
Torgahr says, "Also, any chance we can get some sort of identifier for the different levels of paints? Like having 3 different "blue paintsticks" and not sure which is savage, plunderer, or basic."
Torgahr says, "Done."
Iayn says, "For identifier, appraising the value should show you."
Torgahr nods.
Torgahr says, "I'll double check when I get back there then."
Torgahr nods.
Iayn says, "With spawn rates, I don't know that that would fly with combat, though admittedly, that may be more possible in plat due to the population."
Torgahr nods.
Iayn says, "So I'll check into it and specifically for plat."
Torgahr says, "Thanks, by the way, you need to come to the next GM hunt.
Torgahr hums to himself.
Iayn says, "I will if its a time I can make."
Torgahr nods.
Torgahr says, "I can relate heh."
Windharo is next.
Iayn exclaims, "Windharo!"
Niamah points a speaker's staff at you and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before you.
You say, "ok first things first, keep up the good work"
You ask, "More/New GMs?"
Iayn chuckles.
You say, "Any plans for a physical representation of our IF with Meditations(THINK DBZ)."
You say, "Vinjince whispers, "What kind of prizes are planned to be given for those on the pit boards, and what places do you have to be in to receive those prizes?""
Iayn says, "Thanks and I can't answer about GMs."
You say, "ok"
You exclaim, "and finnally, blame bubba!"
Niamah snickers.
Iayn says, "I don't think IF is going to physically manifest itself."
Iayn says, "Other than maybe in a fist."
You say, "well"
You say, "like auras"
Iayn says, "Prizes I'm going to get as many as I can."
Iayn says, "I haven't worked on them yet due to the fest and this warpaint thing."
Iayn says, "No plans for that. If you have a suggestion post details and I surely read it."
You exclaim, "That is all!"
You nod to Niamah.
Niamah gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.
Iayn asks, "that the whole list?"
You ask, "post?"
Niamah nods to Iayn.
You say, "banned"
You cackle!
Iayn chuckles.
Iayn says, "well, that's a bit of an obstacle."
Iayn says, "edit it and when not banned, post it."
As Niamah drops the speaker's staff, it dissolves into dust.
Niamah says, "Staffs"
Niamah scoffs.
Iayn asks, "What not opening another?"
Iayn glances at Niamah.
Niamah exclaims, "Never make me do that again!"
Iayn exclaims, "open another!"
Niamah folds her arms across her chest.
Niamah says, "Make me."
Iayn says, "Oh, I'll have prizes for at least the top five I think."
Niamah glances at Iayn.
Iayn makes Niamah open another list.
Niamah chuckles.
Iayn says, "hah."
Iayn points at Niamah.
Iayn points at a speaker's list.
Iayn gets a speaker's staff.
Iayn just opened the speaker's list.
Navak adds his name to the speaker's list.
Iayn says, "okay, open."
Iayn says, "this is the last one."
You exclaim, "Blame bubba! he can't stand an objective voice!"
You cackle!
Iayn just closed the speaker's list.
Navak is next.
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Navak and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Navak hums to himself.
Navak says, "Yeah, just a question about concentrate."
Iayn says, "sure"
Navak says, "When I try to concentrate on my warpaint, I get the generic "You can't do that" messaging."
Iayn says, "sounds like that warpaint isn't designed for that"
Navak says, "Okay, just asking because with the other warpaints, I get the no inspiration messaging..."
Iayn says, "not all are."
Navak says, "and it didn't work with plunderer warpaint, heh."
Iayn says, "oh, I'll see if its a messaging issue."
Navak nods.
Iayn says, "thanks"
Navak says, "Thanks."
Kotyss is next.
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Kotyss and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Kotyss asks, "what you said before about difficulty of applying the paint, was that supposed to mean you would possibly get a stronger effect from another barb painting you then painting yourself assuming you were both equal in stats and skills, or is it just an instance of if you can apply it to yourself that is as good as it gets?"
Iayn says, "yes."
Iayn hums to himself.
Kotyss says, "also knife clan togball rules! thanks"
Kotyss bows.
Barzella is next.
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Barzella and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before her.
Barzella says, "you mentioned before about difficulty of painting oneself. and mentioned mirrors."
Iayn says, "I sure did."
Barzella asks, "if we get mirror from general store would that make it easier?"
Iayn says, "I doubt it."
Iayn says, "Feel free to try though."
Barzella asks, "also, for tog, is there a way to apply it to our scalp? like mo has?"
Iayn says, "nope, just the same locations as everyone else."
Bezakiel is next.
Barzella exclaims, "and togball is good!"
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Bezakiel and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Iayn chuckles.
Bezakiel says, "I got two quick question fer ya"
Iayn nods.
Bezakiel asks, "Earlier ya mentioned dat some warpainting was detrimental teh non-barbarians...are ther any downsides teh one o' us wearin' warpaint?"
Iayn says, "It can be slightly detrimental to anyone, at times."
Bezakiel nods.
Bezakiel asks, "Ya may have mentioned dis already but are warpaints havin' any effect on BMR?"
Iayn ponders.
Iayn says, "not directly."
Bezakiel says, "good nuff"
Bezakiel bows.
Iayn nods.
Saoidh is next.
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Saoidh and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Saoidh asks, "If neck is sixth limb and assuming two arms and two legs what is the fifth limb?"
Iayn says, "first question was free."
Iayn asks, "and you need to ask?"
Saoidh says, "ah ok"
Saoidh says, "I did"
Iayn chuckles.
Niamah chuckles.
Iayn asks, "anything else?"
Saoidh says, "dat is all ta"
Iayn shakes his head.
Iayn chuckles.
Malkien is next.
Niamah says, "Him I kill when he leasts expects it."
Iayn points a speaker's staff at Malkien and the usher moves over and holds the voice scepter before him.
Niamah nods to Iayn.
Malkien asks, "If warpaint does not affect berserks, dances, and BMR directly, then does it affect them indirectly? As specific as possible I guess... possibly by affecting inner fire regen?"
Iayn nods to Niamah.
Iayn says, "does not affect IF regen, but what it does can affect those other abilities."
Malkien ponders.
Malkien nods.
Malkien says, "Done."
As Iayn drops the speaker's staff, it dissolves into dust.
Iayn says, "Alright folks."
Iayn says, "That's it, portals close in fifteen minutes."
Iayn says, "thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoy the warpaint."