Visage of Obfuscation (1)

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Visage of Obfuscation
Event Guildfest 409
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Necromancer shops
Restrictions Necromancer
This store only accepts Lirums

[Visage of Obfuscation]
The only decoration in this small, understated room are four columns that rise in each corner and meet in the center to form an arch at their apex. Torches burn brightly on each column, facing inward and emitting plenty of light to display the wares below.
You also see a wide mahogany table with several things on it, a narrow shelf with several things on it, a small sign and a narrow door.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:
To combat the occasional problem our initiates have with
overzealous temple dwellers, these items are enchanted to
temporarily make you less recognizable in town when
activated following an incident.

The items on the shelf have twenty charges, while the items
on the table have five. When the charges are depleted the
magic will fade, leaving the item devoid of magic.

Remember that the best way to avoid such perverseness is
to not be caught in town in the first place.
On the wide mahogany table
Item Price Done
small silver charm adorned with an unworked piece of green jade 212,500   No
fine platinum necklace etched with an elegant knotwork pattern 225,000   No
wooden eyebrow ring 175,000   No
plain ironwood torque branded with a repeating vine pattern 212,500   No
bronze earring shaped like a tiny knife 175,000   No
black silk choker adorned with an oval of unpolished jet 225,000   !!
copper eyebrow ring 181,250   No
bronze chain necklace hung with crystal teardrops 187,500   No
wide silver tailband set with onyx chips 225,000   No
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
fine silver pendant engraved with a stylized diamond 375,000   No
small platinum pin 350,000   No
white gold armband engraved with repeating sapphire-filled swirls 400,000   No
thin silver circlet accented with bits of hematite 400,000   No
dark iron anklet 337,500   !!
pair of red jasper earrings carved into twin flying dragons 350,000   No
platinum chain bracelet with square-shaped charms 437,500   No
plain gold ring 337,500   No
detailed pewter amulet shaped into a grinning skull 437,500   No
fine pewter earcuff shaped to resemble a skeletal beast 437,500   No