Ritual Addiction

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Ritual Addiction
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Sigzil
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Ritual Addiction, Ceremony]
Smooth leather walls of overlaid straps with silver studs rise up around a dark haon floor. Dim sconces cast irregular shadows across the room, revealing a collection of haphazardly arranged tables.
You also see a wooden door hung with several silver chains, a conspicuous sign with bold lettering, a marble altar swathed in cloth-of-gold with several things on it, a sana'ati counter lifesculpted with scenes of nature with several things on it, an obsidian pedestal inlaid with elemental symbols with several things on it, an expansive display draped in starlight velvet with several things on it, an extravagant display case framed in kiralan and a lilac moonsilver ritual circle with an OUT OF STOCK notice.
Obvious exits: west.

A conspicuous sign with bold lettering reads:
"These ritual foci require knowledge of the feat of Improvised Rituals.
The holy, life, elemental, and lunar ritual foci can only be used with spells of the relevant frequency of mana.  Be sure to choose the right one.
Universal foci can be used with any ritual spell, but supplies are limited to one per family."
On the marble altar
Item Price Done
somber glass sphere enclosing a model of the Starry Road 1,250,000   
anloral star of thirteen points 1,340,000   
mistglass snow globe containing an opalescent city 1,480,000   
livery badge displaying the scales of justice 1,550,000   
platinum triquetra interlaced with a circle of blue gold 1,750,000   
holy ritual foci (generally worn)
On the sana'ati counter
Item Price Done
lifelike anatomical heart carved from bloodmist garnet 1,350,000   
wizened Life Dragon carved from verdant lirisan 1,400,000   
acenite sea unicorn with a glittering tail of coralite 2,050,000   
flowering vela'tohr plant lifesculpted from greenheart 2,570,000   
glaes bioluminescent octopus with photophores of asarenjan 3,050,000   
life ritual foci (generally worn)
On the obsidian pedestal
Item Price Done
spectrolite owl perched on an obelisk of black marble 1,375,000   
frozen flame carved from aoustone 1,550,000   
tel'athi havri'negh emblem inlaid with an intricate geometric design 1,250,000   
ethereal naga composed of gloomglass 2,180,000   
tyrium Elemental Dragon with eyes of lightning amethyst 3,580,000   
elemental ritual foci (generally worn)
On the expansive display
Item Price Done
clockwork armillary sphere with golden rings 1,250,000   
howling wolf carved from eventide moonstone 1,250,000   
miniature Negotiant fabricated from crystalline tesserae 1,350,000   
aldamdin mirror 1,450,000   
tomiek ledger inscribed with equations in aldamdin 1,580,000   
lunar ritual foci (generally worn)
In the display case
Item Price Done
pallid ouroboros ring carved from mother of pearl - finger 2,175,000   
golden scarab bracer inlaid with Velakan nacre - wrist 3,875,000   
amber beehive surrounded by golden honey bees - neck 1,887,500   
vortex of polychromatic stura atulave suspended from a ribbon of spun rainbow - neck 4,400,000   
universal ritual foci (one per family)
In the ritual circle
Item Price Done
sungold sunburst with fiery rays of crimson glaes - belt 7,075,000   
universal ritual focus
OUT OF STOCK - had a total sales limit due to the use of sungold. [1]


[Ritual Addiction, Strife]
Smooth leather walls of overlaid straps with silver studs rise up around a dark haon floor. Dim sconces cast irregular shadows across the room, revealing a collection of haphazardly arranged tables.
You also see a neatly printed sign, a streamlined display labeled efficiency with several things on it, an e'erdream target labeled accuracy with several things on it and a dreamstone monolith labeled power with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

A neatly printed sign reads:
"These foci enhance targeted magic spells.  They can be used by any magician.  The type of mana used in a targeted magic focus does not affect who can use it or which spells it can be used with."
On the streamlined display
Item Price Done
silversteel taper with a flame of molten-core diamond 1,687,500   
soaring vulture carved from khor'vela 937,500   
radiant sun of blue gold with trapezoidal rays 2,437,500   
tomiek black widow with a scarlet hourglass of stura atulave 1,537,500   
"These enchantments were tuned to provide additional magnitude and a moderate increase to mana efficiency to targeted spells."
On the e'erdream target
Item Price Done
coursing Hound of Rutilor forged from windsteel 1,350,000   
kelpzyte death adder coiled in ambush 3,050,000   
sleek sailfish carved from Drogor's Wrath sapphire 1,300,000   
ethereal Phelim shell sliced lengthwise 2,250,000   
"These enchantments were tuned to provide a reduced activation time and a large bonus to accuracy with targeted spells."
On the dreamstone monolith
Item Price Done
caliginous glass orb containing a model of the Red Spiral 1,612,500   
lifelike mantis shrimp carved from spectrolite 1,612,500   
baleful lion dragon faceted from a fire whirl ruby 1,602,500   
mistglass comet with a bright nucleus of aldamdin 1,692,500   
"These enchantments were tuned to provide additional magnitude and a large damage increase to targeted spells."


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