Usk'elneg Pell (2)

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Usk'elneg Pell
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Usk'elneg Pell, Treasures Of The Deep]
A wild assortment of bizarre items -- most clearly scavenged off the floor of the ocean -- adorns so much of the walls that even a Gnome might have trouble finding a spot to lay a casual hand. Most of the odd things are quite beyond identification, and almost all wear tags proclaiming their status as "not for sale". Luckily for the ravenous consumer, there is still a wide assortment of goods ready for purchase.
You also see some curved coral stairs, a rough coral wall-rack with some stuff on it, a murky glass case, and a brass door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the coral wall-rack
Item Price Done
round seaturtle shell shield with dark leather straps 6,250   No
brilliant red-orange coral shield banded with wrought brass designs 6,250   No
broad steel tower shield inset with a seaglass mosaic 25,000   No
burnished brass kite shield embossed with the image of a striking sea serpent 12,500   No
polished black coral shield edged in platinum filigree 150,000   !!!!
horseshoe crab shell shield 812   No
large tortoiseshell shield 6,562   
salt-stained tower shield scarred deeply with a seven-pointed star 15,437   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
dented gold amulet bearing an Elothean visage 18,750   
intricately carved whalebone 1,500   
twisted seaweed necklace festooned with dangling coins 625   
darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star 1,125   !!
bleached whalebone earring 281   

[Usk'elneg Pell, Upstairs Balcony]
Though tinier than the room downstairs which this one overlooks, someone has decided that no smaller number of goods should be placed here. Sprawling nets made from the hair of a nameless sea mammal contain the merchandise in rough piles, perhaps to keep vagrant items from floating away when the island is submerged.
You also see a giant turtle shell with some stuff on it, some curved coral stairs, and a rough net with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the turtle shell
Item Price Done
faded uniform jacket from the Royal Fleet 6,250   !!
sharkskin jacket neatly trimmed with gold buttons 11,875   No
dark crocodile-skin jacket emblazoned with a metallic blue turtle 9,375   No
discolored broadsword faintly etched with a seven-pointed star 9,375   
brass cutlass tinted with a greenish patina ?   No
white-coral walking stick capped with a gold skull 9,375   
massive war hammer with a warped bone hilt 15,000   
On the rough net
Item Price Done
iridescent windfish scale coat with a mottled design cresting at the shoulders 18,750   !!
salt-stained brown leather jacket with partially corroded copper buttons 18,750   No
heavy black wool peacoat with polished dark coral buttons 4,375   
greenish-brown jacket of intricately woven seaweed with silver sandkronar buttons 9,375   No
supple grey sealskin jacket with a trio of large brass buttons 6,250