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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Ushei's Repairs (Ranik Map 106)
Type: shopowner

Ushei is the owner of Ushei's Repairs.


Stout and sturdy, Ushei's broad shoulders are barely covered by the loose linen shirt tucked into his black leather pants. His twinkling blue eyes stare out from his weather-beaten Human face. It's only as he stumps about the room that it becomes obvious that one foot is missing, replaced by a thick wooden stump.


  • Whistling a jig to himself, Ushei pulls a paper out of his pockets and examines it, replacing it when he finishes.
  • Pulling aside the curtain, Ushei mutters something unintelligible to someone out of sight in the back room.
  • Ushei shuffles papers around on the shelf, hunting for something.

Responses to Questions

  • default response - Ushei smiles at you and says, "All I know about are repairs, Atazai. And I certainly know nothing about any illegal activities." He nods vigorously.