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Hello and thank you for editing on the Wiki!

  • Just a few small things that may be helpful:
You only need to leave the - in the source type, then the item will automatically source to the right shop/etc.
You do not need to put any information in the NAME field unless the name of the item is different than the item name. So like hooded cloak you don't need to list it.
If there are no materials, colors, or symbols to list (like it is made of leather, so you list leather as a material, or it is blue, etc) then put a - in the material and it will make your item complete instead of incomplete.
If an item has NO look other than "You see nothing unusual" you simply put - there also, and that will automatically fill the you see nothing unusual out.
And just to make sure you know, when you appraise armor, you list the hindrance and stealth hindrance as the top line in your appraisal, not the bottom (after all the stats one, that takes into account your skills in the armor). Also if you do not get CERTAIN on any part of your appraisals, always leave that blank.

You can feel free to message me on IM anytime if you have questions, if I am invisible or not on I will get back to you the moment I log in, or feel free to write on my talk page :).

Thanks again! Linett - 14:18, 19 December 2015 (CST)