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Talarien here, same name in-game. Only been in DR a few months but I'm having a great time!

My aim is to clean up shop inventories and categories as much as possible. My in-game appraisal is borderline non-existant so the items I've been adding from the Festival have been lacking appraised costs and weights. Feel free to add the info if you have it on any of these items.

Current Goals

1. Finish input of Festival Items I have info on:
A Cultured Attire
The Male Persuasion
Turialo's Haven, Winter Wear
Turialo's Haven, Spring Sunshine
Turialo's Haven, Summer Day
Turialo's Haven, Autumn Colors
Behind the Mask, Treasures

2. Continue populating Containers Shop Type category

3. Fill in red links on existing shop items as much as possible

4. Clean up existing item names to standard format
(remove a, an, some, pair of)

5. Edit items for color and material attributes.