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Who am I? Player of Symphaena, Prydaen empath.
Contact Info AIM: JLoTheClueless
Email: Email me

To-Do List

  • Figure out Wikicode.
  • Make To-Do List of my own.
    • Attempt (possibly complete) Gwethdesuan stub page Done
    • Attempt Ranger Signs stub page Done
    • Look for more easy stubs to mess with
    • Finish and polish Library project
      • Zoluren libraries Done (as best I know)
      • Therengia libraries
      • Ilithi libraries
      • Qi libraries
      • Forfedhdar libraries
  • Add Player Character page for Symphaena (at least).
  • Migrate Manipulation List to Elanthipedia
  • Look into adding Estate Holder housing info
  • set up zmud/zmapper-based maps section