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Item Tiers

Weapon Tiers

Tier 8 - Unique Quality
Absolute cap for items.
[Approval Required]
(Players cannot forge this)

Tier 7 - Epic Quality
Quest Boss Drops
[Approval Required]
(Players cannot forge this)

Tier 6 - Legendary Quality
Final Quest Prizes, Auction Quality
[Approval Required]
(Only forged from End-Quest/Auction metals)

Tier 5 - Very Rare Quality
Quest Drops, Player Cap for Very Rare Metal Forging

Tier 4 - Rare Quality
Expensive shops, Player Cap for Steel Forging

Tier 3 - Uncommon Quality
Normal shops

Tier 2 - Common Quality
Normal shops

Tier 1 - Poor Quality
Specialy Shops

Armor and Shield Tiers
Tier 6 - Grandmaster Rare-Metal Quality
Auctions, Quest prizes
[Approval Required]

Tier 5 - Master Rare-Metal Quality
Extremely Expensive, limited-quantity shops
[Approval Required]

Tier 4 - Grandmaster Steel Quality
Expensive shops

Tier 3 - Master Steel Quality
Normal shops

Tier 2 - Storebought Quality
Normal shops

Tier 1 - Low Quality
Specialy Shops

3.0 Khri Info

- Subtlety:
Darken (Aug) - Stealth boost
|-- Dampen (Util) - Stealth hinderance reduction.
|-- Shadowstep (Util) - Advance time shortened
|-- Sensing (Util) - watch other rooms
|-- Strike (Aug) - Backstab boost, melee weapon boost.
|-- Silence (Util) - Pulsing Invisible.
|-- Vanish (Util) - Disengage + Invisible.( 1 time not pulsing)

- Finesse:
Hasten (Util)- Chance for RT attack reduction.
|-- Safe (Aug) - Locksmithing boost.
|-- Avoidance (Aug) - Reflex boost.
|-- Flight (Aug) - Athletics boost, pulsing balance boost.
|-- Elusion (Aug) - Evasion/Brawling boost.
|-- Liberation (Util) - pulsing -web/-immobilize.
|--Plunder (Aug) - Discipline, Thievery boost.
|-- Guile (Debil) - AOE pulsing debuff (engaged) Charm vs Will. Evasion debuff.

- Potence:
Focus (Aug)- Agility boost.
|-- Sight (Aug) - Perception boost, nightvision effect.
|-- Prowess (Debil) - AOE pulsing debuff (engaged) Fear vs Will when hidden, Power vs Will otherwise. Reflex, Tactics debuff.
|-- Steady (Aug) - Bow/XBow boost.
|-- Eliminate (Debil) - Brief -noshield -noarmor debuff.( 1 time for the next attack made)
|-- Calm (Util) - Self dispel, indescriminant.( 1 time not pulsing)
|-- Serenity (Util) - SvS barrier vs Will.
|-- Sagacity (Util) - Physical damage ward.

Secure - Focus/Safe/Sight - Additional chance not to blow a box.
Speed - Avoidance/Plunder/Flight - Something nifty for PvP, not terribly useful otherwise.
Spar - Strike/Steady/Elusion - Thrown weapons boost.
Skulk - Darken/Dampen/Shadowstep - 0 second sneak in urban areas, +nolocate.
Prescience - Sensing/Serenity/Sagacity - Passive spot, additional guard avoidance/justice bonus.
Cunning - Hasten/Guild/Liberation - Charisma/Tactics boost.

Stun - stun/unconscious depending on success.
Slash - Prevents engaging/retreating/movement, may cause target to kneel on high success.
Choke - Single target debuff - Stamina.
Screen - AOE (range limited) debuff -perception, minor pulsing RTs.
Clout - Pulsing concentration drain.
Ignite - Keeps your friends warm during those long cold winters.

Taken from post:

Necromancer Research Feats

The topic effects are currently slated to be:

1) A ritual to transfer disease away.
2) A ritual to make remote sensor thingies that can track when someone enters a room.
3) The Universal Solvent spell (it will no longer be offered on scrolls).
4) An expansion to the RoC spell that makes Transcendental buffs invisible.
5) Significant increase in DO drain.
6) Significant increase in SO drain.



Young Wyvern - 400
Juvenile Wyvern - 600
Telga Orek - 800 (was able to lands hits with as low as 600 but offensively they rank higher than that for sure)
Adult Wyvern - 1000