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Kadru is run by a cool little dude named Kavan. He mostly plays Kahvan and Zeltaen, but has been seen running around as others.


Kadru is the king of Kermoria if nobody's gonna have the cojones to say otherwise. He is constantly a thorn in the side of, well, common decency. He steals, kills, impersonates, grifts, burgles, harrasses, assaults, vandalizes, and just contributes to general meyhem as he sees fit. The little gnome is originally from Albaria, and at the tender age of four years old was dragged by the ankle to the disgusting cesspit that is Kermoria. His parents said they wanted a better life, but as far as he's concerned, they're deluded. He longs for the glory of Albaria, but there doesn't seem to be a way home...