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Tossing a quick page together as a placeholder for stuff I'll need later. I'll be utilizing this (and my sandbox) as a space to store information not ready for actual wiki entries. Please don't edit it without checking with me first.

About Me

I've been playing DragonRealms since back on AOL, with three or four breaks ranging from months to years. I spent some time (I think about two years, or around that) as a GameMaster; started out on the CE team, was on the Events team, and ended out my run in DEV Worlds. Back playing f2p and really enjoying the changes. Trying to restore any lost lore I've got clanging around my head or stuck on forgotten-but-not-lost hard drives and cloud storage.

Characters Played


  • Grenkin (Elven Ranger, AOL)
  • Memphemagog (Gor'Tog Cleric)
  • Blakarin (Kaldar Thief)
  • Asini (Rakash Empath)
  • Siharhh (S'Kra Mur Empath)
  • Ilmileiras (Elven Cleric)
  • Lorweth (Elothean Warrior Mage)
  • Igojen (Elven Commoner)
  • Smozh (S'Kra Mur Moon Mage)
  • Cirdaen (Elven Trader)


  • Ilta (S'Kra Mur Bard)

Contact Information

AIM: BonedancerSmozh; GMBasilisc; Iltamigen; StoicPriest