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Many moon cycles ago (~1996-2001) I played Dragonrealms. I liked variety and had a couple different characters to try different things out. The one that I had the most fun with then was an Olvi Barbarian.

I am back (late 2014 to present) with new characters ... for variety and fun. I play a Trader, a Cleric, a Barbarian (NOT an Olvi), and a Bard in order from young, younger, youngerer, to youngerest.

I am a beginning wiki user, but I have been trying to correct errors as I discover them and otherwise contribute where I can, but I am still learning wiki and re-learning the game. If I goof (or someone likes what I am doing), please let me know!

My wiki interest areas include an alternative/contrary new players guide, character (stat) training, and equipment.

My gaming interests include fun, variety, generosity, helpfulness, and generally excludes PvP.