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Yell command needs more work.

do yelp still

DR's old command list, cull:

Pie in the sky armor skillset design

Armor skills have two active abilities?, (an offensive analyze?) and a defensive adjusting. Adjusting your armor potentially does a small amount of damage to the armor, but prepare powerful procs.

Shield > Shield

Defending > Defending

Light armor > Armed Maneuvers General skill in moving around in armor.

  • Stealth hindrance
  • Evasion hindrance

Adjust: readjust the weight of your armor, preparing a proc that reduces opponent balance (armed manuvering vs evasion/armed manuvering?)

Chain > Articulation The refined arte of flailing your arms around murderously without exposing your soft pillowy armpit veins.

  • Parry hindrance (?)
  • Weapon roundtime interactions (?)

Analyze: Adjust: ready a proc that ripostes (articulation vs shield/deflection?)

brig > Deflection The even more refined arte of running around in armor without running onto somebody's sword.

  • Governs head and body hits, hindrance from brig pieces, maybe some new tie in to stun/debilitation recovery, brig teaches best.
  • Scales protection values
  • Shield hindrance (?)

Analyze: Adjust: ready a proc that knocks aside your opponet's weapon, imposing roundtime. (Deflection vs Parry/articulation?)

Plate > Absorption The ultimately refined arte of just taking it.

  • Scales absorption values
  • Crit resistance

Adjust: brace against attack, readies a proc that might replies torso hits with a knockdown. (absorption vs evasion/armed manuvering?)

> Fitting [ye newe skille] Sorcery for armor! Mixing penalty governs the mixing penalty.

  • Mixing penalty expessed as the fit of your armor.
  • A full set of the same armor type has native 100% fitting
  • Fitting skill can buff beyond 100% fitting with an active skill (you adjust your armor until it gets knocked out of place)
  • If you don't want to mix armor now it's just one skill instead of your whole skillset.

Armors have particular affinity for certain skills?
PRO: retain some skill-base variety in armors.

Light = +Armed Maneuvers -Deflection (Leather doesn't turn aside attacks well)
Chain = +Aticulation -Absorption (Chain doesn't really soften impacts)
Brig = +Deflection -Articulation (brig is tight in the joints compared to well-hinged plate?)
Plate = +Absorption -Armed Maneuvers (Plate is just hard to move)