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Healfdene Rokk
Status Active
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Addisyn, Morlokk, Sliyder, Lonur, Jaxilynn


Blazon: Gules, on a cross flory triparted Or, two snow leopards combatant armed and langued of the first. Motto: "Stand Like a Rokk"

You are Maniac Healfdene Rokk, Penetrator of the Order of the Theren Guard, a Gor'Tog.
You have a missing tooth, crystal green eyes, a broken nose and a cleft chin. You have dusky olive skin and a brawny build.
You are very tall for a Gor'Tog.
Your face is painted with stylized warriors in ritual combat in fresh cobalt warpaint.
You are mature.
You have a tattoo of a dragon made of blue ice breathing white flames on your chest.

Blazon: Gules, a cross flory triparted Or, surmounted by two snow leopards combatant armed and langued gules. Motto: Stand Like a Rokk.

Rokk Family History

The name Rokk came centuries ago to family after we were freed by the Snake People in the year 1004 Before the Victory of Lanival. My ancestors wandered aimlessly for decades until the came upon a small rocky outcropping northeast of Crossing a ways. They set up camp here one night, and enjoyed the place so much, they decided never to leave. They created a Council of Five to be the governing body of this small encampment. The Council of Five quickly voted to name this place after the first Gor'Tog that they knew to rise against the Snake People; Rokk. It just so happened that Rokk's decedent Throshmir was living amongst them. From then on he took the second name Rokk as a tribute to his great-great-grandfather. There was peace in Rokk for many generations, and one day, 366 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer, a little toggling was born. His father named him Healfdene, after his decedent who rose against the Snake People. In time, he to would take the second name of Rokk, just as his father, and his father's father had done before him. Shortly after Healfdene turned 18 his older adopted Kaldar brother and himself went out into Elanthia to make a name for themselves. Little did they realize the horrors that would befall their village when they were gone.

After years of not seeing anybody, Healfdene went back to Rokk, longing to see his mother and father. The path to the small village was blocked by many fallen boulders and scorched tree branches. After hours of arduous work, he managed to clear the path and fight onward on his journey. Three long days and nights he followed the path, until in the early dawn of the fourth day he came upon the rocky outcropping. Nothing was left but burned down huts and charred remains. Scattered among the wreckage were various trolls, all bearing the same clan tattoos.

In a blind rage, Healfdene found this clan and tracked them to their lair, where he left not one single living soul. Some say Healfdene realized the folly of not being around that day. Either way, it is now said he is once again trying to build the Rokk Family.

Early Adventuring

Healfdene knew from birth that he was destined for life outside the village. He would bring honor to his name, and all in Elanthia would know who the Rokks were.

It was a fairly obvious choice for him to go and speak to Agonar in the Crossing Barbarian Guild, where himself, and his older Kaldar brother, Lonur, got their start. After a few years of slow advancement, and learning the local language, the two brothers decided to split ways for a time, and Lonur scouted up north around Theren.

He was noticed by the Order of the Theren Guard for his exceptional actions, and was invited to join their ranks. Once he did, he sent word down to Crossing to Healfdene, who quickly followed him up north. Theren became as natural to Healfdene as the Rocky Outcropping he had once called home. His service to the Barony and the people was second nature for him.

Years passed in bliss when Healfdene made a short trip to Crossing. In the empath's guild there he met a young human empath by the name of Addisyn. She had run away from her home on the Islands to come to the mainland, and was very scared and frightened. Some say it was "love at first sight" but we will never truly know. They eloped to Theren where Addisyn was invited to join the elite ranks of the Order of the Theren Guard.

After many years of happiness, sorrow befell Healfdene, as Lonur got into a terrible fight with a rouge zombie during the initial onset of the War Against Lyras. He has yet to recover from his coma and Healfdene has come to terms with the fact that he likely never will be conscious again.


Today Healfdene serves proudly the people of Therengia and Baron Gyfford Theren. His unwavering loyalty to the Barony nearly caused him to be eaten by Tachid during the War Against Lyras.

In 403VLR, Healfdene retired from the Theren Guard. After nearly twelve years of dedicated service, he decided that it was prudent to leave. He is currently working on advancing in his guild.

The Rokk Family has began to expand once more, now including Addisyn, Morlokk, and Sliyder. Healfdene, being the sole heir to the Rokk Family name has created a Family Crest and proudly wears it on his longcoat, and is stamped into the hilt of Uruku.

Healfdene and Addisyn celebrated their 10 year anniversary. The had an early celebration by having a Vow Renewal Ceremony recently.

After much personal reflection and debate, in 430VLR, Healfdene decided to be clasped as a Theren Guardsman once more.

Prized Possessions

Although Healfdene considers every item given to him valuable and holds dear to his heart, there are certain items that he holds above all else. They include:

  • A helm of crimson steel and black iron fashioned into the visage of a bellowing horned beast - His Roar Helm, which Somniumvisum managed to get for him for very cheap. He is rarely seen without this on his person.
  • A sleek black formal longcoat with the Rokk family crest stamped in anlora-avtoma - His formal attire for his recently passed renewal of vows with Addisyn. Another item he is rarely seen without.
  • A magnificent purple heart and osage Elothean battle bow fitted with an onyx arrow plate - His trusty composite bow, with which he can be seen raining hell on his enemies. This item was given to him by an old friend who he has not seen in many years. It is said that Healfdene was attempting to train a short bow up to a main weapon, when his friend stepped in and convinced him to choose a more manly and painful way to deal death.
  • A white jade wedding ring inset with a dragon spreading fire opal wings - His prized wedding band. 'Nuff said.
  • A chunky steel charm band bearing the crest of the Order of the Theren Guard - Aaiyaah gave this to Healfdene shortly after he joined the Order of the Theren Guard, for bravery, dedication to duty, and honor. He does not wear it publicly, but rather it sits casually beneath his robe, a silent reminder to the sweat and blood he has given, and has yet to give for his beloved Baron and Province.
  • Uruku - A massive reinforced haralun broadsword with a long blood channel which was forged specially for him from Edgee and Joshuan, two close friends. He carries this sword with him everywhere and has dubbed it Uruku, which means War in toggish.

Family Relations

(Note: All relations are adopted)
Healfdene - Patriarch
Addisyn - Matriarch
Sliyder - Son to Healfdene and Addisyn
Lonur - Brother to Healfdene (In a coma)
Morlokk - Brother to Healfdene
Jaxilynn - Cousin to Healfdene (Deceased)