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Urban bonus is a thief ability to become better at non-combat survival skills depending on how city-like an area is. This is dependent on where the thief is currently located. Thieves are most comfortable in places populated by the masses and/or with structures artificially created.

This portion of the thief's bonus will directly raise the effective ranks a thief will use when doing contested actions. In the wilderness the thief is working with no urban bonus so can in essence only be using base ranks. Urban bonus cannot be negative, it varies from 0 (neutral) to positive.

The bonus is based on an area's urban level, modified by confidence.[1] It does not affect Evasion or Perception, but should impact all other standard survival skills (Skinning, Locksmithing, First Aid, etc.).

Urban Bonus Levels

SMIRK SELF can be used by a thief to discern if the location is very urban, urban, neutral, or wilderness.

Location Dependent

Each province can have a different rep level. However, to obtain the highest thief rep you must not be wanted in any providence or caught committing a crime for at least 5 in game days. (1 1/4 RL days)

To check your guild reputation
Crossing - Find the Old Beggar, ASK BEGGAR ABOUT REP (Requires 100 copper kronars)
Haven - Find the Sailor - ASK Sailor ABOUT REP (Requires 100 copper lirums)
Ratha - Find the Sailor - ASK Sailor ABOUT REP (Requires 100 copper lirums)

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Additional Information

  1. GM Javac, via Discord (link)