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Undogoz refers to both Undogoz Mountain, a dormant volcano, and to the chain of mountains it is part of. These mountains form the spine of M'Riss.

As seen from the timber bridge on the M'Riss Island Ring Road:

The swell of Undogoz Mountain looms to the northeast. The lighter green of deciduous trees low on the shoulders yields to a darker green of conifers at higher elevation. Rocky crags of the broken volcanic rim rise dramatically above the green forested shoulders.

As seen from the Wooded Slopes of Lish'telga:

Riddled with plant life as the trail may be, a hazy grey peak in the Undogoz mountains manages to rise into view and out of the trees' concealment. Though distant, the glimpses of sheer cliffs and bare stone humble any comparison of the slanting footpath winding in these hills.