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The Underground
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Return to Taisidon, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Underground]
Dug out from the rock and dirt, this underground vault is cool all year round. Lamps hang from the ceiling, providing relatively little light for perusing the wares. A large sign hangs on a root sticking out from the back wall, just over a table carved from a granite boulder. You also see a dark wardrobe.
Obvious exits: out.

A large sign reads:
"You want to know what happens if you tell anyone we're here?  You don't want to know what happens if you tell anyone we're here."
On the granite table
Item Price Done
dark cambrinth dragon set with a carved fire-opal flame 15,000   
pewter cup embossed with a spider standing over its wrapped prey 500   !!
pale white leather hunters enameled across the back with a black spider looming over its prey 15,000   !!
dark cambrinth skull set with blood-red ruby eyes 18,000   
bloodstained stone mortar carved to resemble a skull 1,000   
glass globe encasing an ivory skull 2,000   
carved cambrinth armband crafted to resemble a snake 24,000   
bloodstained stone pestle 500   
ceramic mug enameled with a blood-darkened ritual knife 500   !!
blackened broadsword with an ivory skull pommel 2,500   
bloodshot cambrinth eyeball 12,000   DG
glass globe encasing a miniature blade spider 2,000   
glass globe encasing a coral snake 2,000   
deep-black double leathers 15,000   !!
black cambrinth blade spider 15,000   
black pard leathers with an albino spider enameled on the chest 15,000   !!
In the dark wardrobe
Item Price Done
black leather boots with silver skull buckles 6,000   
black leather cloak with a onyx spider clasp 4,000   
ghostly white silk shift with blood-red drawstring ribbons at the neck and cuffs 8,000   
black mesh tunic with a red velvet sash 8,000   
array of black ribbons that hang like spider legs from a cabochon ruby 7,500   
white satin slippers with ruddy brown splotches 500   
midnight blue shift trimmed in black lace 8,000   
opaque grey robe delicately painted across the back with an ethereal blue-grey woman 8,000   !!