Twansic's Tent (1)

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Twansic's Tent
Event Ice Festival
Owner Twansic
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Festival shops, Fletching shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Prydaen shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Twansic's Tent, Main Opening]
Animal pelt walls enclose this tent from the elements while glass globes, hanging from branches above, glow softly with a flickering light. Several Prydaen move about the tent, re-arranging things that have been disturbed. The tent flap gently shifts as people come and go. You also see a snowbeast fur rug with some stuff on it, a wooden barrel with some stuff on it, a wooden rack with a bone parchment case on it, an oak case with some stuff on it, an oak table with some stuff on it and a small stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the snowbeast fur rug
Item Price Done
shark-tooth arrows 2,000   No
delicate white marble Tenemlor figurine 32,000   
shark-tooth carving knife with a wooden hilt 1,000   !!
delicate black marble Demrris figurine 32,000   
crocodile tooth dagger with a wooden hilt 3,570   
somber black mourning armband depicting the plight of the Prydaen 3,750   
On the wooden barrel
Item Price Done
slender ebony ear cuff edged with turquoise 20,000   !!
simple gold ear cuff 6,250   
pale opal ear cuff decorated with a tiny diamond snowflake 40,000   !!
glittering silver ear cuff 12,500   
dark amber ear cuff adorned with tiny silver bells 10,000   No
leather-corded Prydaen ancestral bone necklace 5,000   
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
shaman's elaborately carved bone parchment case 25,000   !!
On the oak case
Item Price Done
bone arrowhead 250   No
serrated arrowhead 250   No
On the oak table
Item Price Done
ornamental jade claw guards with etched silver tips 100,000   !!!!
burnished silver claw guards 75,000   !!!!
fossilized ivory claw guards inlaid with onyx 112,500   !!!!
glittering crystal claw guards 80,000   !!!!
black obsidian claw guards 50,000   !!!!
A leather sign reads:
"Claw guards are fitted with the claws of the Prydaen in mind. At this time, there are only plated guards with the various additions to them. ~Twansic."
On the small stand
Item Price Done
rough curled ram's horn 2,500   
chunk of soft lava stone 500   
stone claw sharpener etched with mountains 5,000   
heavily crosshatched smoked steel rasp 3,500   
A leather parchment reads:
"These items upon the stand are for use of sharpening ones claws. Used by both Prydaen and S'kra. ~Twansic"