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Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Female
Location: Gudthar's Tannery (Ranik Map 121)
Type: shopowner

Tuzra repairs metal and non-metal weapons and armor and tools in Gudthar's Tannery in Boar Clan.


You see a petite young Gor'Tog woman with smooth, coppery skin and a slight blush to her cheeks. Her big ale-brown eyes shine brightly and she wears a pleasant smile that only broadens when speaking with customers. The modest linen dress she wears is trimmed with dainty embroidered peregan leaves, a sharp contrast to the thick-soled hunting boots and heavy leather apron that complete her ensemble.

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Tuzra dabs some sweat from her brow with the back of her sleeve, then returns her attention to the quarterstaff she is sanding.
  • Tuzra pauses from her work and takes a moment to gaze at the patch of sky peeking through a smokehole in the roof of the longhouse.
  • Examining a leather breastplate she holds out at arm's length, Tuzra appraises her handiwork. Finding it acceptable, she knots the thread and cuts the end with a nip of her teeth.
  • Tuzra catches her reflection in a shiny broadsword mounted on the wall and shyly rubs a small smear of soot off her cheek, which is replaced with a blush.
  • Tuzra threads a large needle with a thick strand of sinew and begins repairing a torn leather jerkin.
  • A young toggler dashes into the longhouse and clings to Tuzra's dress. Tuzra pulls a candied turnip wedge from her pocket and offers it to the youngster, who squeals with glee and runs off with his treat.
  • Tuzra picks up a large wooden mallet and pounds a rivet into a leather breastplate.