Turialo's Haven (7)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Prydaen Culture Faire
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Prydaen shops, Clothing shops, Housing shops, Jewelry shops, Wedding shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Turialo's Haven, Wilderness Sky]
Decorating each of the caravan's walls is a wide mural that resembles a grassy plain, with hills in the distance and small trees dotting the landscape. Folded paper butterflies hang from the ceiling here and there, adding touches of color to the blue-painted ceiling that mimics the sky. Small wooden stumps act as makeshift seats, and the sales displays are carved from raw untreated wood with the bark left on.
You also see a tree-shaped cloak rack with several things on it, a rough silverwood wardrobe, an unsanded wooden counter with several things on it and a rough wooden door.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the tree-shaped cloak rack
Item Price Done
dark grey cloak silkscreened with a repeating pattern of soaring eagles 50,000   !!
grass-colored samite cloak embroidered with the image of a crouching cougar 18,750   !!
starry black marblesilk cloak stitched with thin bands of night clouds 25,000   
translucent chiffon cloak delicately stitched with wild red roses 50,000   
white marblesilk cloak artfully dyed in a winter snowdrift pattern 187,500   No
finely spun brocade greatcloak with a repeating claw pattern along the lower hem 25,000   !!
deep purple greatcloak made from silk-lined velvet 50,000   !!
long-sleeved frieze longcoat with large ebonwood buttons 37,500   No
In the rough silverwood wardrobe
Item Price Done
golden velvet gown embroidered with a pattern of wild roses 37,500   !!
dark brown linen robe embroidered with a winter forest scene 18,750   No
deep blue satin robe artfully edged with forest green jade 25,000   !!
dark grey brocade gown edged with rows of large arrowhead beads 15,000   !!
light blue linen dress patterned with wispy clouds 12,500   !!
white spidersilk gown embroidered at the shoulder with a shining sun 62,500   !!
deep purple satin sarrak overlaid with a thin film of golden lace 37,500   !!
short chmir of deep red damask patterned with wildflowers 18,750   
finely woven satin chmir dyed with hues of blue and gold 25,000   !!
calf-length linen sarrak painted with bands of green 12,500   !!
On the unsanded wooden counter
Item Price Done
miniature Prydaen hub with a small indent at its center 75,000   !!
withered paw statue 50,000   !!
Prydaen huntress statue holding a drawn bow 37,500   !!
small wooden tree statue with outstretched branches 25,000   !!
onyx panther-shaped statue with one lifted paw 31,250   !!
miniature flamewood cat with an open mouth 25,000   !!
majestic cedarwood eagle with colorful outstretched wings 37,500   !!
A small note reads:
"These statues are designed to hold a single gem that is tiny or small in size."

[Turialo's Haven, Wilderness Wind]
Painted on the north and south walls of this roomy caravan is an expansive grassy landscape, stretching out to pine-covered mountains at the horizon. A gaethzen orb set within a yellow globe represents the noon sun, small wisps of puffy white clouds surrounding it. Covering the floor is a thin layer of grass, and all the sales tables are quite rugged.
You also see a plain wooden display with several things on it, an unfinished wooden wardrobe and a rough-cut oak table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the plain wooden display
Item Price Done
wide silver tailband adorned with a blue gold shariza symbol 187,500   
platinum chain necklace adorned with discs stamped with faiyka symbols 100,000   
bronze eyebrow ring decorated with blue crystals 75,000   !!
blue satin choker adorned with a pair of crescent moons 22,5000   !!
bronze earring shaped like a spoked wheel 62,500   !!
rough silverwood torque branded with a repeating tribal pattern 112,500   
dark steel eyebrow ring set with a small fang 100,000   !!
fine platinum necklace etched with an elaborate triquetra pattern 150,000   !!
small silver charm adorned with a cabochon cat's eye quartz 100,000   No
In the unfinished wooden wardrobe
Item Price Done
elegant dress of fiery marblesilk with a diaphanous gold overlay 137,500   !!
white sleeveless robe bound with a sea green marblesilk sash 75,000   No
stormy grey marblesilk tunic cut in a jagged windswept pattern 162,500   
black damask tunic embroidered with a pair of crescent moons 10,000   !!
loose knee-length vest crafted from cerulean marblesilk 125,000   
loose white muslin tunic embroidered with wild roses 15,000   
grassy green linen tunic embroidered with wildflowers 11,250   !!
sunset red marblesilk tunic shot through with wide strands of white gold 137,500   
flowing marblesilk tunic dyed in patterns resembling a cloud-filled sky 100,000   !!
On the rough-cut oak table
Item Price Done
narrow platinum bracelet with a triquetra surrounding a gem setting 100,000   No
wide platinum anklet depicting a Prydaen hunter with an outstretched arm 75,000   
elegant golden choker crafted from tiny interlocking rings 37,500   No
delicate ebony torque set at the throat with an empty gem setting 25,000   No
golden wheel-shaped locket with an empty socket 62,500   !!
golden paw-shaped pendant grasping at empty air 37,500   !!
golden vine-shaped armband with jade-painted ivy leaves 62,500   !!
A small note reads:
"These pieces of jewelry are designed to hold gems of all sizes."

[Turialo's Haven, Wilderness Hills]
Rolling hills are painted on each wall of the caravan, covered in deep green grass. A Prydaen hub is painted on one of the walls, sitting nestled in between two hills. Several deer are portrayed as grazing lazily on the hills beneath puffy white clouds that cast shadows over the landscape.
You also see a wooden bracelet rack with several things on it, a mahogany jewelry tree with several things on it and a wooden tailband stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wooden bracelet rack
Item Price Done
polished wooden bracelet carved with wide sunrays 18,750   
heavy steel bracelet inset with mahogany heartwood 25,000   !!
fine wooden wristcuff carefully scored with an image of a Prydaen hub 12,500   !!
thin blue gold bangles each studded with a tiny sapphire 375,000   
heavy red gold bangles strung with large wooden beads 25,000   !!
animite hand wristlet accented with red gold sunrays 937,500   !!
white gold bracelet adorned with wildflowers carved from colored wood 37,500   No
dark iron bracer studded with bronze jaguar claws 10,000   !!
On the mahogany jewelry tree
Item Price Done
heavy platinum bracelet etched along its length with blackened ivy 5,6250   !!
wide glass armband with an empty gem socket 15,000   
elegant platinum necklace with tiny wooden beads set throughout its length 50,000   No
wide crystal anklet etched with the image of a forest spring 25,000   
cat-shaped silver locket playfully batting at the empty air 31,250   !!
elegant white gold locket decorated with triple sunbeams 31,250   !!
large red gold pendant shaped to resemble an open rose 22,500   !!
A small note reads:
"These jewelry pieces are designed to hold gems that are tiny or small in size."
On the wooden tailband stand
Item Price Done
spiraling platinum tailband edged with a thin layer of red jade 43,750   !!
simple silver tailband threaded with colorful wooden beads 22,500   !!
spun glass tailband decorated with dark claw-shaped bands 10,000   !!
highly polished tailband tinted in shades of green and blue 18,750   !!
fine platinum tailband carved with alternating triangles 50,000   !!
blue gold wedding tailband set with a shariza symbol 375,000   !!
green jade tailband elegantly carved with oak leaves 15,000   !!