Trader Guild, Gathering Room

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[Traders' Guild, Gathering Room]
This room serves as a social hub for the cherished members of the guild to gather and share their adventures and exploits with one another. Highly polished mahogany walls open up to a large bay window overlooking the River Oxenwaithe. The guild staff keeps fresh treats available on the serving cart. You also see a crystal-topped cart with several things on it, an elaborate armoire, a candy jar sitting on a low marble pedestal and a shiny golden bucket.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the crystal-topped cart
Item Price Done
serving dish of mixed fruit compote drizzled with fresh cream 0   
golden bowl of linguini tossed with garlic-flavored oil and fresh cheeses 0   
pitcher of iced raspberry limeade with fresh fruit floating throughout 0   
deep dish of steamed wild rice with sliced almonds and fresh herbs 0   
silver carafe of rich coffee spiked with a spiced rum 0   
serving dish of petite prime filets with a rosemary butter glaze 0   
large cut crystal bowl of fresh cut vegetables splashed with a vinaigrette 0   
platter of thick swordfish steaks with a peppercorn sauce 0   
animite leaf-decorated cake stand holding a petite chocolate cake 0   
cut-silver tray of elegantly stemmed goblets of wine 0   
In a candy jar {sitting on a low marble pedestal)
Item Price Done
get candy, it is random
black licorice donkey 0   
blueberry rock candy sapphire 0   
chocolate yak 0   
cinnamon rock candy ruby 0   
detailed peppermint Dokora 0   
Kronar-shaped lollipop 0   
miniature toffee yurt 0   
mint rock candy emerald 0   
soft marshmallow star 0   
tiny white chocolate caravan 0   
yak-shaped jellybeans 0   !!