Town and Country (1)

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Town and Country (1)
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Town and Country, Autumn Room]
Plush, creamy white rugs are scattered across the floor and swathes of autumn-hued fabric drape the walls in a clear attempt to soften and disguise the dull grey metal beneath. Tall, wrought-iron candleholders are placed near the brightly painted tables, illuminating the wares and spreading warmth throughout the room. You also see a crimson door and AN ENORMOUS SIGN.
Obvious exits: none.

"Please LOOK carefully AT the items on the tables.  The brown table 
has exterior additions for DOOR type homes, the orange table has 
exterior additions for FREESTANDING type homes, the yellow table 
has exterior additions for TREE type homes, and the red table has 
exterior additions for KNOLL type homes.  Please be careful when 
purchasing these items (for example:  GET or BUY SOME MINATURE 
PUMPKINS ON YELLOW TABLE), there will be no refunds if the wrong 
item is purchased.  Thank you!"
On the red table
Item Price Done
curious hole 12,628   
gargoyle statue 12,628   No
autumn leaves 12,628   No
trio of carved pumpkins 12,628   No
On the yellow table
Item Price Done
murder of crows 12,628   !!
skull carving 12,628   No
minature pumpkins 12,628   No
obsidian spiders 12,628   No
On the brown table
Item Price Done
dark red stains 12,628   No
straw heart 12,628   
gargoyle carvings 12,628   No
autumn leaf wreathe 12,628   No
carved pumpkin mat 12,628   !!
On the orange table
Item Price Done
dilapidated door 12,628   !!
pewter gargoyle knocker 12,628   No
autumn swag 12,628   No
wheat sheaves 12,628   !!
straw broom 12,628