Tookes' Nook (1)

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Tookes' Nook (1)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Empath shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Tookes' Nook, Front Room]
Thin trails of dust coat the grooves between each of the metal plates in the floor. Tiny spiders spin wispy cobwebs, which are nestled in every nook and corner of the structure. A single torch provides scant light for the area, flickering as if hesitant. A thick layer of grime coats a table and some brass pegs, each displaying wares. You also see a pine counter with some stuff on it, a wobbly maple stand with some stuff on it and a door.
Obvious exits: north.

A pumpkin-shaped note reads:
             / /
          __( (__
      .-'(       )'-.
    _/  / """"""" \  \_
   /  /             \  \
  / / Each kit comes  \ \
 |     with extras.      |
 :   Feel free to OPEN   :
 | them and peek inside! |
 :                       :
  \ \    ~Tookes      / /
   \  \             /  /
    "\  \         /  /"
On the pine counter
Item Price Done
smooth mistwood first aid kit carved with trailing jadice flowers 9,020   
worn ebonwood first aid kit splattered with dark stains 9,020   !!
pallid birch first aid kit painted with the Empaths' Guild crest 9,020   !!
maple field medic's kit with a large crack running along the lid 9,020   
lacquered bamboo first aid kit 9,020   
These kits contain some soft wristwraps made from gauze bandages, a pure white badge stamped with the phrase "The Doctor is IN!", a minty green lollipop coated in rich milk chocolate, a pink strawberry lollipop swirled with dark crimson sugar, and a yellow butterscotch lollipop studded with bits of caramel.
On the maple stand
Item Price Done
stately blue diplomat's kit embroidered with the Empaths' Guild crest - Contains a royal blue silk badge embroidered with "Let's be friends!", an elegant white feather quill, and a square emerald glass inkwell and an etched glass jar 10,824   !!
white silk-covered beautician's kit patterned with pale lavender roses - Contains a pale lavender satin badge stitched with "Bow down to the Beauty Queen!", a pair of marble-handled clippers, a wide ornate mirror framed by elaborate silver knotwork, and a small silver cosmetics case. 10,824   
battered leather warrior's kit edged in tarnished bronze studs - Contains small skinning knife with a carved wooden handle, coiling hemp rope affixed at both ends with etched charms, gold shield-shaped badge engraved with "My avenger can beat up your avenger!" 7,216   !!
wide steel surgeon's kit trimmed with strips of black leather - Contains a thin steel lancet, gleaming steel scalpel, sturdy steel badge boldly carved to read "I will cut you!", white cotton mask, surgeon's gloves of supple white oilskin, sharpened razor affixed to a carved jade handle 25,256   
white silk healer's kit embroidered with pale golden jadice flowers - Contains a sad-eyed brown teddy bear wrapped in frayed bandages, a shiny tin tip box, an emerald green silk badge embroidered with "I've got the touch!" and some soft wristwraps made from gauze bandages. 10,824   
woven grass herbalist's kit bound with black ribbon - Contains a polished steel herb clippers, blue ceramic mortar, blue ceramic pestle, soft cloth herbalist's gloves with leather-padded fingertips, copper badge engraved with "I play in the dirt!" 10,824   
On the brass pegs
Item Price Done
dark lacquered parry stick 2,255   
long parry stick wrapped in frayed brown leather 2,255   !!
blue steel parry stick etched with playful kittens 4,510   
gleaming steel parry stick wrapped in emerald green ribbon 5,412   No
tarnished steel parry stick affixed with dangling glass charms 6,314   
silver-plated parry stick etched with ornate knotwork 9,020   
gold-plated parry stick set with shimmering white diamonds 90,200   
On the blue table
Item Price Done
purple silk herb pouch embroidered with the portrait of an Elothean woman 6,765   !!
brown burlap herb pouch stitched with the portrait of a Halfling man 6,765   No
crimson felt herb pouch embroidered with the portrait of a Dwarven man 6,765   No
turquoise suede herb pouch stitched with the portrait of a Kaldaran woman 6,765   No
pearl grey velvet herb pouch embroidered with the portrait of a Human woman 6,765   No
white leather herb pouch branded with the crest of the Empaths' Guild 2,706   No
green cotton herb pouch sewn with tiny herb-shaped felt appliques 2,706   No

[Tookes' Nook, Resting Quarters]
Contrasted to the darkness of the front room, the bright merchant's quarters are an assault to the eyes, dozens of oddly styled oil lamps lit at all times. A massive feather bed sprawls across the center of the room, its luxurious canopy of draped crimson and gold spidersilk obscuring plush throw pillows and thick quilts of opulent silk. An ornate carved dresser stands regally beside a towering ebonwood bookshelf, while two storage trunks rest at the foot of the bed.
Obvious exits: south.

On the carved dresser
Item Price Done
gnarled wooden pestle carved to resemble a sleeping cat  ?   No
chipped glass pestle twisted to resemble a coiling serpent  ?   No
thick stone pestle carved with plump spiders  ?   No
tall tombstone-shaped granite pestle  ?   No
wide marble skull-shaped mortar  ?   No
green porcelain mortar painted with colorful masks  ?   No
clouded glass mortar painted with writhing grey ghouls  ?   No
russet clay pumpkin-shaped mortar  ?   No
On the ebonwood bookshelf
Item Price Done
leather-wrapped compendium stitched with dark stripes 4,510   
silk-wrapped compendium embroidered with golden swirls 4,510   !!
fraying compendium wrapped in bloodstained bandages 4,059   
thick compendium wrapped in crimson spidersilk 9,922   !!
worn compendium covered in torn black fabric 4,510   No
simple green compendium 2,706   No
simple orange compendium 2,706   No
simple yellow compendium 2,706   No
simple violet compendium 2,706   No
simple white compendium 2,706   No
In the storage trunk
Item Price Done
heavy miniature herb cabinets 4,510   
miniature steel tower shields etched with the Empaths' Guild crest 4,059   
huge glass star rubies 3,608   
delicate glass jadice flowers 3,157   
thick rolls of gauze 2,706   
miniature faded Gnome anatomy charts 2,255   
tiny glass rock crystals 1,804   !!
thin cotton bandages 902   !!
In the storage trunk
Item Price Done
miniature ivory alfar guardians 4,150   
miniature pure white alfar avengers 3,608   
miniature salty bulbous-eyed narmorbreths 2,706   !!
miniature spotted fungus colepexies 1,804   !!
miniature hairy dog-faced dirnels 1,353   
miniature leafy forest woodwisps 902