Tisk's Wagon (3)

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Tisk's Wagon
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Tisk
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Gnome shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tisk's Wagon, Front Room]
The low ceiling of this room might cause trouble for tall folk, but for shorter Elanthians the effect is merely cozy. Scraps of leather, bits of metal and dust bunnies the size of largish weasels compete for space on the floor, the last sent into a swirling romp whenever anyone moves about. Busy figures can be seen moving energetically behind a gauzy blue curtain which divides the wagon into two halves. You also see a very small door leading out, an accessories table with some stuff on it and an armor rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the accessories table
Item Price Done
very small leather mask 450   !!!!
tiny leather greaves 120   !!
tiny leather vambraces 120   !!!!
diminutive supple leather gloves 120   !!!!
On the armor rack
Item Price Done
These armors are our inexpensive, lightweight modifications of several popular leather armor designs. These are our lightest body armors, so if weight is your top priority, you've found the stuff! The heavier and more expensive stuff is in back. All of our armor fits only Gnomes, so don't think you can wear them if you're a Halfling or something.
tiny layered canvas cuirass 9,525   !!
diminutive plaited-reed vest 4,500   !!
diminutive padded leather breastplate 11,600   !!!!
short Gnomish hunting cloak ?   !!
diminutive heavy padded cloak ?   !!
padded diminutive cloak ?   No
diminutive buff coat 4,600   !!!!
diminutive leather corselet 4,500   !!!!
slightly padded Gnome's robe 3,600   !!!!

[Tisk's Wagon, Back Room]
The back room of the wagon is even more crowded and chaotic than the front. This is somewhat surprising, since there is less furniture here and fewer items for sale. Taking up the space which merchandise does not, several Gnomish shop attendants rush about in a continual frenzy, checking on customers, going out to check stock, removing fingerprints left behind by curious customers and bumping into just about everything that crosses their path. A gauzy blue curtain leads back to the front room. You also see a broad rack with some stuff on it and a Gnome-sized mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the broad rack
Item Price Done
small chain hauberk of light and intricately interconnected links 32,000   !!
very small suit of ringmail made of black leather and shining steel loops 8,995   !!
light chain shirt of Gnomish proportions 11,995   !!!!
set of heavy chainmail proportioned for a Gnome 22,998   No
Gnomish tunic fashioned from lightweight steel chain 15,000   !!!!
shining steel breastplate scaled for the Gnomish frame 23,895   !!!!
diminutive heavy half plate engraved with the image of a Gnome standing proudly atop a heap of fallen foes 33,750   !!!!
On the Gnome-sized mannequin
Item Price Done
Gnome-sized set of full plate armor fashioned from blackened steel decorated with small silver lightning bolts 47,995   
Our first attempt at full plate armor! It might not be as protective as other designs, but we've dropped the weight considerably in sizing it for the Gnomish frame.