Tildi's Flowers (5)

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Tildi's Flowers, Tropical Topiary
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 417
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tildi's Flowers, Tropical Topiary]
Sturdy jambu trunks are used as the structure of this small space, their surfaces sanded and polished to a soft shine. Panes of crystal-like glass fill out the area in between the shafts of wood. A single live tree sits in a huge blue glass pot in the middle of the hut, juicy jambu fruit hanging temptingly from its branches. Its form follows the curving outline of the building and its large leaves almost hide the twin woven baskets that hang from its limbs.
Obvious exits: out.

In the sky blue basket
Item Price Done
profusion of Elven gold jambu flowers interspersed with vibrant glass beads 250,000   
bevy of heaven's bells blossoms carved from rutilated quartz 50,000   
moonstained wildflowers sprinkled with dazzling nightfire opals 450,000   
strand of carmine-red lisianthus flowers set with brilliant inferno's hearts 150,000   
cascade of Eluned's glory blossoms dangling from delicate icesteel chains 450,000   
length of woven seagrass twined with ocean-hued selmor roses 50,000   
Taisidon sunset garnet beads paired with ruffled chiffon hibiscus blooms 140,000   
narrow raw silk ribbons strewn with tiny heliodor sandlilies 80,000   
In the grass green basket
Item Price Done
slender hairstick topped with an etlingera flower carved from Imperial coral 450,000   
glass aldam lorma with teardrop-shaped petals tinted the color of twilight 150,000   
velvet king protea flower shaded in subtle pastel hues 100,000   
solitary rainbow rose crafted from moonspun silk 450,000   
cluster of faceted purple gold phofe flowers 250,000   
dainty pair of seastar tourmaline tidal lily combs 50,000   !!
Beacon-of-Hope orchid fashioned from deep magenta-hued dergatine 670,000   
stunning bird-of-paradise flower displaying brilliant forest fire jasper petals 100,000