Tildi's Flowers (3)

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Tildi's Flowers
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 411
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tildi's Flowers, Sale Room]
Layers of blue silk fall from a pointed ceiling to enclose the round tent, mostly camouflaging a sweeping curtain. A hanging shelf and a curved counter mirror each other from across the small space. Baskets dangling low from the ceiling on silken cords, near the entrance flap, threaten to ensnare the unwary.
You also see a Tildi list and a colorfully painted sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A colorfully painted sign reads:

Tildi's alteration rules:

1.  Tildi is a child, be nice or you will be asked to leave!

2.  Tildi will make you a flower of your own or alter one you buy from her shop.

3.  If you want it hair worn, please buy one of the haircombs in the silver basket.

4.  You will need to provide *any* gems or fabric you want other than plain old silk.

5.  Tildi will not work with anything but her flowers.  No armor, clothing, weapons, bags, etc.

Thank you,

- - Pacca Koski, Tildi's father.
In the woven silver basket
Item Price Done
platinum haircomb 13,530   
silver haircomb 4,510   No
white gold haircomb 9,020   No
gold haircomb 9,020   No
In the woven orange basket
Item Price Done
profusion of velvet mapha blossoms strung upon a delicate platinum chain 88,396   
braided length of ferny leaves dotted with tatted clusters of widow's lace 70,356   No
pale green satin ribbon strewn with tiny pink and white diamond clover 99,220   No
Elven silver chain wreathed in a bounty of colorful dirdel flowers 135,300   
strand of lustrous crystal beads graced with delicate velvet nightflowers 61,336   
dazzling procession of opalescent glass unicorn lilies tipped in gold 78,474   
chain of bright white starflowers interspersed with lavender blue tanzanites 103,730   No
slender cord displaying clusters of gold-rimmed cobalt and frosted glass melir 62,238   
In the woven green basket
Item Price Done
rope of glossy black taffelberries peppered with tiny purple flowers 58,630   
chain of pearl par'i beans accented with multicolored pom-pom flowers 64,944   No
thorny bramble vine dotted with glistening onyx blackberries 74,866   No
array of ruby-red olallieberries strung upon a matte black velvet ribbon 85,690   
plaited silk ribbon hung with clusters of bright orange rowan berries 60,434   No
collection of dusky gold glass berries dangling from a silken modwyn vine 62,238   No
series of silver chains graced with a wealth of heart-shaped abule berries 58,630   
strand of fuzzy bibbleberries composed of deep indigo velvet 62,238   
In the woven blue basket
Item Price Done
trio of intertwining silk daisy chains 103,730   No
tangle of dark green Elven ivy 99,220   No
silvery glass vela'tohr flower 108,240   No
series of silver-dusted shar'nath flowers 117,260   
array of amethyst glass phofe flowers 121,770   
twisted lover's knot vine 126,280   
On the hanging silver shelf
Item Price Done
curving glass branch blooming with an abundance of red-violet freesia 72,160   No
bevy of sculpted glass etrana blossoms tinted in blushing red hues 76,670   No
vibrant array of spun glass firewheel flowers 68,552   
series of delicate sirese flowers composed of pale blue glass 81,180   No
incarnadine glass petaper plant accented with tendrils of pale yellow silk 66,748   
ghostly white Pi'Qanah lotus tipped in azure 82,984   
clutch of wine-hued motherhearts dusted with silvery flecks 58,630   
translucent midnight snapdragon sprinkled with shimmering silver dust 80,278   
On the curved silver counter
Item Price Done
jumble of vividly hued raw silk columbine 58,630   
cluster of golden yellow cowslips dappled with tiny orange sapphires 54,120   No
spray of delicately tatted dewdrop lace 76,670   No
bunch of frilly pink and yellow silk dianthus 76,670   No
bright magenta butterfly orchid displaying a luminous dafora pearl 81,180   No
creamy white magnolia blossom fashioned from sumptuous velvet 90,200   
duponi silk encyclia striped in striking russet-orange hues 72,160   No
delicate moonlight gardenia composed of silvery blue silk 86,592   No