Tildi's Flowers (2)

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Tildi's Flowers
Event Guildfest 409
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tildi's Flowers, Sale Room]
Layers of blue silk fall from a pointed ceiling to enclose the round tent, mostly camouflaging a sweeping curtain. A hanging shelf and a curved counter mirror each other from across the small space. Baskets dangling low from the ceiling on silken cords, near the entrance flap, threaten to ensnare the unwary. You also see a Tildi list and a colorfully painted sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A colorfully painted sign reads:

Tildi's alteration rules:
1.  Tildi is a child, be nice or you will be asked to leave!
2.  Tildi will make you a flower of your own or alter one you buy from her shop.
3.  If you want it hair worn, please buy one of the haircombs in the silver basket.
4.  You will need to provide *any* gems or fabric you want other than plain old silk.
5.  Tildi will not work with anything but her flowers.  No armor, clothing, weapons, bags, etc.
Thank you,
- - Pacca Koski, Tildi's father.

In the silver basket
Item Price Done
platinum haircomb 15,000   
silver haircomb 5,000   No
white gold haircomb 10,000   No
gold haircomb 10,000   No
On the curved counter
Item Price Done
A simple card reads:
"These baskets all look very similar, please make sure you get the correct one before you buy!"
velvet-lined flower basket woven from willow branches 10,000   !!
cashmere-lined flower basket woven from oak twigs 10,000   !!
cotton-lined flower basket made from dried grass 7,000   !!
damask-lined flower basket crafted from white ash 7,000   !!
felt-lined flower basket carved from apple wood 7,000   !!
hemp-lined flower basket woven from green reeds 7,000   !!
linen-lined flower basket crafted from curly birch 7,000   !!
muslin-lined flower basket crafted from copperwood sprigs 7,000   !!
On the silver shelf
Item Price Done
silk vanderpea vine dangling sapphire peapods 50,000   
silk and silver lily pad sprinkled with white crystals 45,000   
tiny carved acorn on a knobby stick 25,000   
clump of abule berries crafted from rubies 50,000   
trio of arsharrah ivy leaves constructed from fine red silk 40,000   
set of slender bamboo sticks adorned with silk leaves 45,000   
cluster of gemstone blackberries spotted with silk flowers 25,000   
three pronged briarberry bush branch embellished with red stones 35,000   
In the red basket
Item Price Done
velvet tenra blossom hued a silvery-gold 55,000   !!
gossamer red and white lover's knot vine 100,000   
crimson silk firefall flower edged with gold leaf 65,000   
silver silk vela'tohr flower attached to a platinum stem 80,000   
single cotton variwinkle flower of purple 55,000   No
velvet wyndeflower tinged with violet gems 70,000   !!
petite bunch of wisteria blooms crafted from pink sapphires 60,000   
set of blue warbels made from fine silk 65,000   !!
In the purple basket
Item Price Done
sprig of nightshade blooms composed of alexandrite and silk 80,000   
ribbon wrapped stem of Queen's Tears 50,000   
bright yellow sunflower sprouting a multitude of silk petals 70,000   
delicate glass snowdrop frosted with silver gilt 75,000   
yellow silk shalyria blossoms dangling from a copper vine 90,000   
spray of tiny chiffon shar'nath flowers dotted with black diamonds 150,000   
nightsilk scorpion blossom streaked with blood-red 85,000   
sprig of rose-tinged snow trillium constructed from cotton 90,000