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This document will attempt to list the changes to the Thief guild during the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.

  • (Message when logging in for the first time after changes)
~Hello and Welcome to Thief 3.0~

Aside from general changes to Combat, Skills, and Magic - Thieves specifically have now been updated to make full use of the new design.

First and most importantly you will notice that you now have skills added to the Supernatural skillset. In order to advance in circles you will need to train the Inner Magic skill, and one or two of the Supernatural subskills (Augmentation, Utility, and/or Debilitation). You should currently have enough skill to be appropriate for your circle, but if you do not, then please ASSIST. These skills will be used to determine the effectiveness of your Khri and Ambush abilities, and will be trained by the use of these abilities.

Khri have gone through a number of changes, and while some khri have basically the same effects as before, many of them are different. Around the time changes were released there was a global preview in effect so you can try out all the available khri without having to relearn them from a GuildLeader. Once this preview ended khri learning continued as usual.

Ambushes have also changed, though you will not have to relearn them. Any ambushes you had prior to these changes are available for your use now. The most notable change to the ambushes is that AMBUSH SIGHT is now AMBUSH CHOKE. All other ambushes and khri have retained the same names.


Thieves will now be required to use Inner Magic (PM), Utility, Augmentation, and Debilitation with their abilities. They will be grandfathered at the same rate as Barbarians were.

  • Addition of KHRI MEDITATE
  • When a Khri is active: a way to dedicate you time and energy specifically to expanding the khri you currently have up. This will give you RT, and will greatly or vastly increase the next learning pulse. Sitting/Kneeling/Laying down and how high your current concentration level is will determine whether it works, and to what degree. It does cost a little concentration to perform.
  • When no Khri is active: Reduces cooldowns.


  • Backstab has a built in accuracy bonus. It does not vary based on hiding/backstab skill check success.
  • Backstab will receive a larger damage bonus the more you succeed your backstab/hiding check by. This caps at about 33% more skill than the enemy's defenses. For example, 600 backstab/hiding against a 500 defense sky giant caps the bonus.
  • The first backstab on a target now receives a massive damage bonus.
  • DPS-wise, a backstab has a base potency greater than a lunge. This is before either damage bonus.
  • I reduced the defense penalty from backstabbing
  • A backstab against an at-circle foe was doing over 8x the damage of a thrust, with much higher accuracy.
  • Backstab is now primarily a puncture maneuver. I've no clue why, previously it was counting slice/impact to a much higher level. Puncture is counted 6x more than either.
  • I ran out of time, but intend to reduce the backstab timer for LE weapons. This will give them a cut above ME in some situations. ME in general will do more damage, assuming you can still pass the BS check while penalized. But LE might excel against tougher enemies or during PvP. Hard to say, but it gives you some options.


  • You get one khri at 1st circle, then it continues every 5th circle.
  • Will now use the appropriate skill to determine power and duration.
  • Difficulty can be reduced either by sitting/kneeling/lying during activation or by including the DELAY option which will delay activation.


  • Allows up to 2 attacks that ignores target's armor and shield.
  • Will only work with Small Edged weapons.


  • Scales each of the bonuses in a more staggered way. Maxing out the light bonus will happen far before you max out the the others. Chain will notice a bit more oomph in the early usage and will also max out before the ability is fully capped.


  • Fixed a bug with silence that wasn't calculating the invis refresh time properly, and was causing it to refresh all the time in under 5 seconds. It was always intended that after invisibility was refreshed that there be a period of time when it would not immediately refresh again based on skill. This means if you lose your invis, you should go back to invis pretty quickly, but if you immediately lose it again - it will be some time before it reforms again.


  • Difficulty progression is Choke, Stun, Slash, Screen, Clout, Ignite.


  • Stun had it's RT reduced when it is successful and now properly uses vs Fortitude. You can also use it with a bladed weapon, though it won't do any damage like it does with a blunt weapon. It'll still stun though.


  • Clout will now properly mess with critter spellcasting by causing prepped spells to go away, as well as cause any future spells to fail for the duration. For PvP, it will do more up front concentration loss, and then either cause a slight loss, a stall, or a slight gain in concentration regen. It will also cause any prepped spells to be lost when clout hits, and will not be thwarted by armor.


  • Speeds up your advancing while hidden/invis, not bounce you to pole range with RT. This new version works from missle or from pole range (though from pole range you need to have a fair bit of skill to get a reduction). Total time from missle to melee will range from 3-8 seconds based on skill. Pole to melee can reduce down to 1 second.


Here's the stat contests everything is using currently.

Prowess - Charm vs Will
(hidden)- Fear vs Will
Guile - Finesse vs Will

Eliminate - Finesse vs Reflex

Stun - Power vs Fortitude
Slash - Finesse vs Reflex
Choke - Finesse vs Fortitude
Screen - Finesse vs Reflex
Clout - Finesse vs Will
Ignite - Finesse vs Reflex

You may not be familiar with Finesse, since it's a new attack type. It is based on Agility, Reflex, and Intelligence, and currently isn't modified by anything, though I may add some modifiers in at some point still.

Magic Requirements

- 1-10 11-30 31-70 71-100 101-150 151-200
IM 1 2 3 3 4 10
1st 1 2 2 3 3 10
2nd 0 0 2 2 4 8

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