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Also known as simply "The Wren's Nest", this is a beloved website created by the player of Dreamheart when DragonRealms was still young in 1997. It was a place where stories, history, and information were kept, and kept well. It began as a place of in-character documented stories, events, and history. Without the contributions of so many faithful patrons, many events and lore of DragonRealms would have already been lost to the passage of time.

At the Tavern, Pentaith and Khaman created the first encyclopedic references of Who's Who, Items of Power/Magic, and Places. Dreamheart crafted the first modern timeline of events, and the first serious journal, by Zygmund, kept us riveted as his special quest played out week by week in front of our eyes. Zygmund's Quest Journal is still available at the Wren's Nest: http://wrensnesttavern.com/category/blogs/zygmund/

During the world-shattering invasions of the Gorbesh, the Wren's Nest provided a central place for not only the information in the articles, but the heartfelt reactions of people as cities fell, Wren was kidnapped, and character after character walked the starry road. Sadly, the portion of those archives were lost to time.

One of it's most notable features was the start of the Scroll of Remembrance, where people go to list the names of the characters who had left the game. Created during a time of great change for DragonRealms, when many of the original characters were leaving, it was the first such place of it's kind.

The Wren's Nest was located at dm.net before being moved to dr.bookofheroes.com. Neither location is live any longer.

The beautiful Wren's Nest Logo was created by Solis - the same Solis who gave us those beautiful maps of the Realms back in the day. The logo served three different Tavern designs - thank you so much Solis!

The original Wren's Nest Tavern logo

Trivia: Solis gave the wren a name (of course he did) - Wrenfirth.

Baresh, Barkeep at the Wren's Nest Tavern

Beckah was the young serving girl for the Tavern, and Baresh served as the Barkeep for the Tavern, listening to as many tales as adventurers would tell him. Crowolf made a wonderful portrait of him at the bar.

The Wren's Nest Tavern closed in July 2008, with Dreamheart's departure from the Realms, laying off both Baresh and Beckah.

May 27, 2013 update: With a bright shiny new look and location, http://WrensNestTavern.com/, The Wren's Nest re-opened on the 36th day of Akroeg in 409 with Baresh behind the bar hearing the news and stories people would tell. All of the original historical first hand accounts of the history of the Realms were restored (look in the archives, they are stored by year) at the new site.

New adventurers still find their way to Baresh's welcoming ears and friendly brew for the tales of their latest escapades.