Thirteenth Passage

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The Thirteenth Passage
Province Forfedhdar
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 117
Owner Drangvold
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Thirteenth Passage, Barroom]
A heavy oaken door separates the cold comfort of the barroom from the echoes of the cavern outside. To either side of the bar stand several large, hunched figures, who glance furtively over their mugs and tankards as the occasional side-stepping barmaid or staggering lush wanders a bit too close for comfort. Behind the counter stands Haldram, a grey-bearded Dwarf with a fierce gaze. You also see a heavy slate countertop spanning the length of the room with some stuff on it and a rubbish bin by the front door.

[The Thirteenth Passage, Dining Room]
Despite the hustle and bustle, the dining room is well decorated. Ornate lamps hang from the rafters, colorful light streaming through stained glass panels set into wrought iron frames. Three secluded booths are accessible from here, one standing behind a suit of heavy plate armor on a wrought iron stand. The second is blocked from view by a delicate tapestry depicting a cottage set in the mountains, and the third is separated by a folding privacy screen detailed in marquetry. You also see a menu hung from the wall and a winding staircase.

  • The menu is available in both rooms.

Haldram, Landlord.

Item Price Done
1 - Skullcrusher Whiskey 20   !!
2 - Imported tequila 18   
3 - Gut-Rot Moonshine 20   !!
4 - Brandy - while it lasts 22   !!
5 - Three Thorns Sherry 28   !!
6 - Spiced Rum 18   DG
Beer and Ale
Item Price Done
7 - Lodestone Porter 18   !!
8 - Dwarven Ale 15   DG
9 - Rough Scrumpy 16   !!
10 - Triple Stout 25   !!
11 - Pale Golden Ale 38   
Item Price Done
12 - Bleeding Rock Red 45   !!
13 - Meadowmist White 38   !!
For those with tender palates
Item Price Done
14 - Milk 10   DG
Snacks and Meals
Item Price Done
15 - Beef and Porter Pie - Made with our own Lodestone porter 35   
16 - Roasted Mutton - Full of garlic! 26   !!
17 - Fried Catfish - Freshly caught, beer battered 20   !!
18 - Fresh Chips 10