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Platinum event run by Naohhi. Actions take place in-game and in the Event Announcements and Sign Up folder in General Discussions on the Platinum forum.


This will be a short event, maybe lasting a few days to a week. When pieces are set up in game for your character to interact with, it will be bolded in my post. Example: A deobar caravan parked on Hodierna Way. These props or pieces may not always be available, but I'll try to ensure each stage remains in place for new characters to step into the story.

Expect consequences and rewards for any and all actions. RPAs may be set up to retro-hit on your next login if you participate enough to earn one.

My next post will be the introduction of this event and responses can begin. If you have questions, please ask them now.


  1. Everyone can participate.
  2. If your post includes any OOC actions or explanations, be sure to CLEARLY mark which parts are OOC.
  3. Make it clear which of your characters is responding.
  4. If something is an inner monologue or thought, use >> to italicize it.
  5. Anything posted, unless denoted by the poster, is to be considered a public action and can be carried over in game.
  6. All participants are subject to in game consequences, rewards, and follow up.
  7. Your actions will shape the events.
  8. If you're being an idiot, I'm going to move your post.

Forum-Based Actions

Responses are in the order they were posted on the forums.

Round 1

Seated at his desk, the newly appointed Housing Director for the Estate Holder's Association glances over the numerous reports of war-damaged homes. Remarking aloud, he says, "These Elpalzi are costing far too much damage. We simply cannot continue to pay for repairs alone."

"Sir?" his assistant asks, "Why not outsource? We could shed a lot of the costs this way and then be able to divert funds to additional services."

"Brilliant, Sankol. I want you to coordinate and handle this. We'll arrange for public location to be used for your office." the Housing Director replied and then promptly shoved a stack of cost reports and complaints towards him.

The Gnome glances up at the stack and says, "Of course, sir!" and grabs the papers before teetering his way out of the office.

Displayed at each of the Estate Holder Headquarters, a new, boldly appointed sign lists openings for interviewers with crafting experience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
ATTENTION: Open Position
~ ~ ~
Position Title: Interviewer

Skills needed: Communication, Reading, Scribe.

Skills desired: Crafting knowledge.

Applicants should apply via written resume submitted to Sankol, Assistant to the Housing Director.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Uzmam whispers a quiet rite of grace to herself as she shuts the windows of her cottage up on Temple Hill, heading down into Crossing. The fall weather makes her shiver under her longcoat, but the cool wind is nowhere near as bad as when she spends time further south.

While walking to the Engineering Society in the southwest corner of town, she spots a notice outside the Estate Holder Headquarters. "Even the Estate Holder's Association is feeling the crunch from these Elpalzi attacks?," she mutters to herself. "I guess they saw how well Lord Zukir did commissioning people to take care of Ulf'hara Keep for Zoluren itself, and they just want to join in on the trend. At least there's a chance for some treasure out of it."

Figuring that the worst that could happen is her time being wasted, she enters the headquarters searching out someone to talk to about the position. She keeps a handy resume on hand for these kinds of situations, and the Estate Holder's Association is serious enough to use the fancier paper, too. Waving over an overworked clerk, she hands over her paperwork for Sankol to review.

NAME: Uzmam
ADDRESS: Finch Cottage, Up on Temple Hill, Near the Birdfeeders
PROFESSION: Freelance Thing-doer, Treasure Hunter, Evil Beater-Upper, Archivist, and Crafter
EXPERIENCE: Gave Mags a TON of sticks. Helped Cormyn deliver things EVERYWHERE in the world. Made SO MANY crowns (and other assorted metal things) for Yalda. Killed LOTS of goblins and other assorted evils for Agonar. Once had to find a missing doll for an adorable kid. Recovered treasures from Ulf'hara Keep for Lord Zukir (he didn't cry as much as the kid with the doll). Really good at beating up assorted louts, thugs, scallywags, bandits, pirates, and the like.

(OOC: Uzmam sees an opportunity to do something interesting, so as always her curiosity is getting the best of her and she wants in on the action. She has no idea what to expect, but that's half the fun.)


While strolling through town perceiving life essences, Holdenn sees the notice and reads it quickly and lets out a derisive snort.

"Hrmph, appears to be another building project. Last time I was tricked into one of these, I spent hours pounding nails into boards for peanuts. Perhaps this newer generation will have a few suckers for them to take advantage of. No doubt I will be called upon to heal broken backs and bruised appendages. Seems like it would be better served if they pushed the Elpazi out before trying to rebuild."

Turning on his heels, Holdenn's greatcloak fans out creating a wide berth within the nameless masses before moving on muttering about carts before horses.


Athan Cinderfield remembers he was a young man when last he walked the streets of Crossing. Now, after years of traveling in foreign lands, the aging Trader has returned to the province of his birth. He stops near the Estate Holder Headquarters, intending to look for a place to live, and notices the sign: Open Position, Interviewer.

"Well, I do need a job," he mutters to himself. Then, noticing the request for crafting knowledge and, realizing his own is minimal, he shrugs. "Worst they can do is say no."

Brushing the road dust off his cloak, he walks into the building and turns in his resume' to Sankol:

Name: Athan Cinderfield
Address: Traders' Guild, Guest Suite, Crossing.
Skills: Negotiation, Diplomacy, Contract Writing.


That’s something new, I stop in my tracks and begin to read. This is just the opportunity I have been looking for, a way to get my name out there and show others my crafting skill. I have spent countless days working with Talia to improve my skills but will they hire on someone with practically no experience? I summon up my courage and prepare a resume. I mean what’s the worst thing that can happen? With optimistic thoughts in my head I move find the Estate Holders Office. It takes longer than usual to realize I’ve managed to get lost yet again, how people navigate these streets is beyond me…

Finally, the right place, I take a deep breath and rush in. “Can anyone direct me to Sankol’s office?” I ask as I look around the cluttered room. A rather irate looking clerk points to a rather large desk. I hastily place my application on his desk and exit the area as quickly as possible not wanting to incur the wrath of the clerks for disturbing their work day.

Name: Aevarn Fala’Prio
Profession: Ranger
Experience: None really but we all have to start somewhere
Skills: Basic engineering and outfitting skills

I have included a letter of recommendation from Talia Volmogen as she can vouch for my engineering skills, enthusiasm, and the fact that I haven’t managed to burn her Society Hall down as of yet.

'If this doesn't work out,' he thinks to himself, 'I may head back to Muspar'i and do contract work again. It's certainly better than moving back in with Mother in Dirge.'


With her work done for the day, Beronica bids an amicable farewell to Milline as she heads out of the Outfitter's Society and makes her way to her tiny apartment provided by the Trader's Guild. A faint tugging of the hair at the nape of her neck, a sensation she has gotten used to in the past few months, has her turning her in that direction. The newly hung notice on the Estate Holders building catches her attention.

"Hmm... Nice catch, Thad," she remarks while lightly running a finger over the head of her pet rat. "An Interviewer, eh? Wondering what we are going to be interviewing for?" She lightly drums her fingers along her satin covered thigh as continues to go over each part of the notice carefully. "It says crafting knowledge, which I have, but not the experience." With one last look at the notice, she spins away and resumes her trek back to her place.

Later that night, the young trader can be found going over a piece of decent, if not fine, parchment paper. In an elegant, yet concise script is written:

Name: Beronica
Guild: Trader
Address: xxx Elmond Close
Skills: Excellent communication, along with the ability to read and write, experience with contract writing and commercial law. Some crafting knowledge, especially with tailoring and leather work, along with some basic knowledge of forging and Engineering.

A faint sigh escapes her lips before she carefully blows on the ink to help it dry and with a quick glance towards her small window decides to send it when she wakes in the morning.

Round 2

Walking into the Headquarters, Sankol is stopped by a runner and handed a small stack of papers. "Applications, sir!" the runner spouts, before running deeper into the building, nearly tripping over a well-dressed woman emerging from the license's office. "Sorry ma'am!" he yells as he quickly spins out of her way and throws himself down the hall and out of sight.

Sankol sighs. "Who thought hiring that young Olvi would be a good idea? The boy is a danger, I swear."

Squaring his shoulders, Sankol glances over the applications as he wanders toward a private room.

"Junk. Junk." Sankol pauses, snorts, and says, "Clearly no scribe experience here. This one couldn't even spell the word "application" and I'm fairly sure that is NOT a real name.." At each rejection, Sankol tosses an application into a burning firepit.

Seeming to come across something of promise, Sankol glances over the qualifications a second time. "This one should do," he mumbles, and flipping through, he quickly identifies three good clients and a fourth that shows promise. Tossing the rest into his firepit, Sankol pauses, enjoying the warmth for a moment before moving to his desk and quickly writing out four letters and seals them with a bit of wax, impressing the crest of the Estate Holder into the hot wax as it cools.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I write to inform you that your application for the position of Interviewer has been accepted.

Please plan to meet Assistant to the Housing Director Sankol in four days for an in person, group interview. If you ask one of the clerks, you should be directed to the necessary room. A detailed explanation of the needs of the position will be supplied at this time. Bring paper and writing utensils.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Leaning out of his office, Sankol yells, "Eral?! Come here, runner!" The Olvi boy comes barrelling down the hall and skids to a stop in front of Sankol, panting heavily. "Here, take these and ensure they reach the correct persons."

Nodding, Eral takes the wax-sealed parchments, glances at the names and takes off. "Athan, Aevarn, Uzmam, and Beronica." he repeats to himself, as he rushes off in search of each person.

OOC: Your next post should include receiving the letter. My next post WILL be the group interview, so plan your post accordingly. There are still no props in game at this time.


“Fala’Prio!” I hear the journeyman bellow. He seems a nice enough fellow most days but he takes guarding the entry to the guildhall seriously. Daydream abruptly ended I scramble to my feet and move to his side. There’s someone here to see you he informs me, gesturing to the gate. A small Olvi boy is pacing impatiently in the street, before I can even think to introduce myself he inquires “Aevarn?”. I give a slight nod and he thrusts a parchment sealed with the crest of Estate Holders into my hands. I flip him two silver coins for his trouble and he is off in a flash. I hastily open up the letter and begin to read:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I write to inform you that your application for the position of Interviewer has been accepted.

Please plan to meet Assistant to the Housing Director Sankol in four days for an in person, group interview. If you ask one of the clerks, you should be directed to the necessary room. A detailed explanation of the needs of the position will be supplied at this time. Bring paper and writing utensils.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I smile immediately, an opportunity like this doesn’t come my way often. I carefully fold up the parchment and tuck it into my pack. If there’s one person who can help me prepare for this, it’s Talia. My mind made up, I step out into the busy street, I’ve got work to do.


While cleaning the decorative hutch full of toys to make sure her figurines are looking their best, Uzmam hears a knock at her cottage's door. She glances about the room to make sure everything is nice and proper before whispering a quick rite to herself and opening the door. "Yes, hello? Eral? On behalf of Sankol, you say? Me and some others, how lovely! Of course I would love to join, and tell Sankol I say thank you for the opportunity. Yes, on your way, I'm sure you are quite busy."

She gently closes the door before unraveling the rite that was cycling in the back of her consciousness.

"Well, guess I should stay around Crossing for this group interview," she remarks to no one in particular and begins making sure her outfit is crisp, clean, and in prime condition for an interview. Of course, if the job involves crafting and possibly the Elpalzi, it's not like her clothes would stay in that condition for long.

Before heading out the door, she hefts a basket of freshly foraged berries to start refilling the birdfeeders around Temple Hill. The new job opportunity sounds like an exciting one, but she still has to maintain appearances until then.


"Message for you, sir."

Athan takes the proffered letter from the Guild's butler with a polite nod and then shuts the guest suite door. He cracks the seal and reads, his heart pounding as if he was still a poor little boy from Dirge and this was his first real shot at getting out and moving up.

"They've accepted my application," he whispers to himself. He inhales a great breath then lets it out slowly, nodding. A group interview in four days.

Athan Cinderfield has worked the trade routes from Muspar'i to Raven's Point, certainly he can handle one job interview. But why won't his hands stop shaking?


Morpion walks thru the North East gate snickering about the dead fish he just left in Gauthus' desk after distracting the old fool with that brush fire outside. He glances at a new sign on some building that people he has no respect for and notices a new sign.

"Interviewers huh? My ideas on getting information might be a tad outlandish to what they would expect, but what the hell? I could try to squeeze a little information and then use it for my own benefit."

He picks up an application, closes his eyes and chants a short cantrip. His fingertip flares and he burns into the parchment...

Name: Morpion, you better know that
Guild: Future Warrior Mage Guildleader of Crossing
Address: Fang Cove by the Palm Tree (don't you dare poke around more then you need)
Skills: Convincing people to talk, fire, making people tell me their innermost secrets by any means necessary

A ghostly-white barred eagle-owl takes the page and flies off to deliver it.

Morpion checks his bank book, muttering, "Well if anything at least I might get to hurt someone, at best I find out something interesting and take it for myself."

He snickers as he shoots a fire shard into a passing farmer's hay cart and walks on down the road...

Round 3

Sitting at his diminutive desk, Sankol reviews a late application. Musingly, he says, "Seems threatening. Probably better if we don't bring this one in." Pausing, he rereads the notes next to the written address and calls Eral over to him, saying , "Eral, take this letter to the guards and have them keep it in case of future issues."

Giving Sankol an obnoxious salute, the Olvi boy takes the letter, stuffs it into his shirt and runs out the door quickly.

Sankol steps out of his office and glances around at the people gathered. Clearing his throat, Sankol asks, "Those here for the group interview, please stand and state your name and then go into the room to the left. We'll begin shortly, please make yourselves comfortable, and introduce yourselves to each other." Finished speaking, Sankol turns on his heel and trundles back into his office, where several loud clanging noises are heard, followed by boisterous cursing.


Athan stands, straightening his doublet. "Athan Cinderfield." With a nod to the other applicants, he steps into the indicated room.

Once inside, after the others have also gathered, he introduces himself.

"I'm Athan, a Trader. I was born in Dirge and lived there with my mother until she sold me to a passing Trader when I was eleven. I traveled with him as his slave for four years, until he took a mortal wound up near Fornsted. He released me from service on his death bed and bequeathed his caravan and accounts to me. I've been trading independently ever since."

Smiling slightly, he listens to the other applicants as they introduce themselves.


"Oh what a lazy day." Morpion mutters to himself. Lying on his sandpit between piles of gem pouches that look about to burst, large rare metal ingots, and stack of rare lumbers most people never knew existed he opens his mouth wide yawning deep displaying his gruesome fangs.

He hears what sounds like a child and a man speaking outside of his cottage. Shoving some pouches to the side and quickly rolling off his pit, he glances out the window.

He glances quickly outside and sees a filthy little Halfling child and a Human man dressed in what appears to be Crossing guards clothing reading a letter pointing at his home. Morpion ducks quickly under the window sill, barely hiding himself since he is colossal for a S'kra Mur.

"Hmmmm. What might that be about? I think I saw a filthy stain of a whelp hanging around where those application were. Can't they follow directions? NO POKING AROUND!"

Morpion throws his window open and hollers, "What seems to be the problem officer? You look like you might be a little out of your jurisdiction!"

The Human attempts to speak, Morpion interrupts him, "This is a lawless and dangerous place to be. You and the filthy speck might want to move along from this property if you know what's good for yourselves."

With that he reaches a scaled hand outside and chants a quick spell, flames glow around his hand and swirls of ash, dust and vapor begin to erupt from the ground as the temperature quickly increases outside. The guards jaw falls open and a wet spot appears on the front of his pants as he grabs the little Halfling by the elbow and runs from the room.

Morpion grins mischievously and mutters, "Must not have gotten the job. Idiots coming here now though. Teach them a lesson to tell the paper pushers in Crossing about at least."

With that he falls back onto his sandpit smiling in his horde of wealth.


Beronica looks up from the ledger that she is studying when someone steps out of the office to which she was initially directed. A quick appraising glance is given for the first speaker along with one for the others present in the room. She sighs ever so faintly through her nose as she stands up and gives those remaining a small curtsy. "I am Beronica," she says before she heads into the indicated room.

When everyone has gathered and it seems to be her turn to speak, she introduces herself. "My name is Beronica. I do not have a family and have yet to see the use of registering a family name," her tone is polite yet rather brusque. "I am a Trader, as well. However, I am more experienced with working with the different crafting societies rather than running contracts. I do wish you all the best of luck." With a small curtsy, she gracefully retakes her seat.

A sudden squeak near her ear has her looking over to her shoulder, then standing up once more. "I must apologize, I forgot to introduce my companion," she states while indicating a rather old looking rat that is sitting on her shoulder. "This is Thad, and he hails from Ratha." As she speaks, the rodent on her shoulder sits up and gives a little bob as if they are bowing. Her introduction out of the way, she once again resumes her seat.


Uzmam peers over her spectacles at the cacophony of crashes emanating from Sankol's office before rubbing her right ear and stating to the other interviewees, "Uh, I think I know or at least ran into all of you already, right? But still, I'm Uzmam!"

As she looks about the room with an enthusiastic grin on her face, she continues, "Nice to see that there's a good group of folks out for... what does this guy want us to do, anyway? Oh, and I do crafty things, treasure huntery things, beat up evily things, normal stuff...kinda."

While the others state their names, she unconsciously starts bouncing slightly on her balls of her feet, occasionally glancing over at the room to the left. As the final person states their name and makes an introduction, she tries her best to walk calmly into the next room for the next portion of the interview. Regrettably, she profoundly fails to hide her excitement over what opportunities are about to come and all but barrels into the next room.


Fidgeting slightly while looking around the room Aevarn recognizes a host of familiar faces and can’t help but feel a little intimidated. Nodding politely in turn as everyone introduces themselves. “Aevarn Fala’Prio” he states as confidently as he can muster. The introductions completed he moves quickly into the next room, a list of potential questions and answers running through his head. He quietly takes a seat and begins organizing his thoughts…

Round 4

After fleeing the perceptively insane S'Kra Mur, the guardsman sends messages out to the other guardhouses within Qi, alerting them to a potentially dangerous suspect that has attacked a guard. His letter stipulates that no charges are being brought against the individual yet, but other governments are free to make their own decision

Back within the Estate Holder's Headquarters, Sankol climbs back to his feet, having tripped over a stack of books and landing against his desk, sending several of his precious knicknacks scattering across the room with several loud bangs and clangs. He rubs his left temple, attempting to sooth the soreness from banging it on the edge of his desk before cursing under his breathe and leaving his office once more, now holding a small stack of papers.

Waltzing into the interview room, Sankol slams the door shut behind him with a resounding THUD. Clearing his through, Sankol says, "Yes, well, erm. I am Sankol, Assistant to the Housing Director. Thank you for applying and showing up today. We'll begin by going over the position and what's needed for it." He glances down at the top document before continuing, "Here's a document with the necessary information. Take a few moments to review it and let me know if you'd like to continue the interview, or you may leave."

Walking up to each applicant in turn, he hands them a small stack of papers each.

Sankol finishes by saying, "If, after reading, you choose to continue your interview, give me your impressions on each application, at least three questions you'd ask each applicant, and a baseline recommendation for which to hire. I'll be waiting over there," he points to an area with a few couches and a single chair on the far side of the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sheet 1
The Problem: Due to the scourge of Elpalzi attacks over the years, as well as numerous disasters, several homes are in disrepair, or have too many repairs needed and our workmen can no longer keep up. Many are demanding higher pay, despite a recent pay increase. The Estate Holders are seeking to outsource additional help.

How This Position Helps: As an interviewer, you will be expected to review the applications of builders, artists, and contractors and put forward any individuals you feel would benefit the Estate Holder Council to hire on as third party workers.

The purpose of those worker will be to perform contracts for the Estate Holders to make continuous repairs, agree to a Service Level Agreement in which their time, pay, response times, et al are designed. Those selected by you must also be ideal for occasionally working one on one with the public in specialized events where their services are sold at the Cabana within Fang Cove or elsewhere.

Sheet 2
-Application for Employment-

Company Name: Pushing Up Walls
Owner Name: Jiopj
Specializations: Masonry
Number of employees: 25
Company Services: Masonry, carpentry, forging, furniture building.
Company Pricing: 2500000 Dokora per job.

Sheet 3
-Application for Employment-

Company Name: Jacked Jacks
Owner Name: Jaykob
Specializations: Restoration
Number of employees: 5
Company Services: Carpentry, forging, décor.
Company Pricing: 1500000 Dokora per job.

Sheet 4
-Application for Employment-

Company Name: Unique Nika
Owner Name: Kuanika
Specializations: Restoration
Number of employees: 35
Company Services: Masonry, carpentry, forging, furniture design, exterior design.
Company Pricing: 2400000

Sheet 5
-Application for Employment-

Company Name: Leafing Leaving Leiv
Owner Name: Leiv
Specializations: Carpentry.
Number of employees: 20
Company Services: Carpentry, forging, furniture design, exterior design.
Company Pricing: 3000000


Athan studies the applications, considers his answers, and relays his thoughts succinctly:

Pushing Up Walls:
First Impressions: Middle pricing, neither the most costly nor the most inexpensive. Good-sized work crew.

Jacked Jacks:
First Impressions: Lowest pricing, but also smallest number of crew and small range of services. How can they get the job done in a timely manner with so few people?

Unique Nika:
First Impressions: Widest range of services, comparative middle pricing and largest crew size.

Leafing Leaving Leiv:
First Impressions: Highest pricing, not the largest crew. Services are covered elsewhere.

All applicants would have the same initial interview questions. Based on their answers, follow-up questions may be necessary and diverse.

Interview Question 1: What is so unique about your company that we should choose you to fulfill contracted work orders above other applicants?
Interview Question 2: What experience does your company have in fulfilling contracts of this size in a timely and professional manner?
Interview Question 3: What challenges have your crew faced and overcome (or not) on previous jobs?

Baseline Recommendation: Unique Nika, based on crew size, services offered, and pricing.


A small decrepit looking humming bird taps sharply on the window of a non-descript cottage with peeling paint. Morpion opens the window and grabs it quickly in his fist, staring madly at it pondering if he should light it up with the Burning Touch cantrip.

Buzzing, the hummingbird whispers quickling, "Qi guards alerted to you. No word if they will send anyone. Please watch yourself Morp."

Chuckling and tossing the dazed avian back into the air, Morpion mutters, "Qi thinks they can touch me? Thank you for the warning. I'll burn their islands from beneath with my fires. Come at me Qi! But you better come heavy to Ilithi with something to stop the firerage I will release."

Slamming the window he walks to the horde of gem pouches, metals, and rare woods. Picking a pouch up he wonders if he should send some coin the way of his minion for the warning. He falls onto the sandpit laughing. "He need not be paid, my power grows and he will reap the benefits once the world burns from my might."


Beronica carefully studies each application frowning thoughtfully at different parts. Pulling out another sheet, along with a spare quill and ink, she quickly jots down some notes in an elegant script:

Pushing up the Wall:
~10 plat per member of crew
Decent spread of services offered.
Middle range in pricing for workforce

Jacked Jacks:
~30 plat per member of crew
Very focused skills
Possibly good for going through and making houses homes.
Expensive for size of workforce

Unique Nika:
~7 plat per member of Crew
Cheapest for labor all around
Best spread of services

Leafing Leaving Leiv:
~15 plat per member of crew
Decent Spread, but lacks any stone work
Middle range pricing

Questions to be asked of all at start:
1) What was the most challenging contract you had to fulfill?
2) Where can we find references for the work you have done for previous contracts?
3) If awarded this contract, what will your priorities be in regards to requested repairs and why?

From a first look, my main recommendation will be Unique Nika for the fact that cost per crew is low compared to the range of services. However, I would also look into Jacked Jacks for possible specialty needs.


Uzmam picks up the packet of papers, ruffling through them before a slight look of disappointment briefly crosses her face. "Nuts," she thinks to herself, "I was hoping I was going to craft something neat, like a tower made of glarmencouplers!" A few moments later, her eyes light up ask she unintentionally exclaims, "Oh! This is like a mystery puzzle! Only with money and stuff!"

She takes out a pen and starts scribbling her notes along the margins of each candidate's page.

Pushing Up Walls
Alongside a number of stick-figure illustrations of burly men drawn around the company's name as if lifting it up, the comments "Average price and 10 platinum per employee" and "How often do people need fixed furniture instead of fixed homes?"

Jacked Jacks
"Alliteration! NICE." is scrawled next to the company's name, with remarks, "Cheapest overall, but 30 platinum per employee," "Can you do restoration on a building that exploded?," "Only five people? Small crew...," and "Décor? Is the Estate Holder Council in the fixing homes business or make homes pretty business?"

Unique Nika
"Boring name" and "Average price, but under 7 platinum per employee!" are placed next to each other, as if one if a counterpoint to the other. "Wide range of services... but should we do restoration work at this point or just build things from scratch?" is written further down the page, with "Kaunika's Knick Knacks" and "Nice Nika's.. Nuriture... Nore..." crossed out at the foot of the page.

Leafing Leaving Leiv
"MAXIMUM ALLITERATION, but what does it mean?" is written inside a circle that then points to the the company's name. "Highest price with employees paid 15 platinum per" and "Carpenters, not restoration!" is written further down the page.

Interview Questions 1) With the amount of damage done to some homes, should we try to restore what is there or start again from scratch?
2) Why did you name your company that?
3) How can you ensure the restorations (or fresh rebuilds) you do are able to resist further assaults?
4) What experience do you have with specialized works for an exclusive audience of adventurers?
5) Would you consider a per project discount based on a high volume of work and the potential for exclusive access to our adventurers located out in Fang Cove?

Initial Thoughts
Unique Nika is the most cost effective based on the size of the company and the general pricing, but I am concerned that they specialize in restorations as opposed to fresh construction. If we decide to build brand new housing, instead of trying to repair structures that might have been built without heavy combat in mind, we might want to lean toward using Leafing Leaving Liev.


Aevarn nods politely as he accepts his stack of papers from Sankol. He pulls up a chair and begins to sort through the applications. “What to do, What to do?” he says talking quietly to himself. Reading them carefully for at least the third time, he begins to notate his thoughts on a clean sheet of paper.

Pushing up Walls:
+wide range of services offered
+good sized number of employees
+specializes in Masonry
-Second most expensive

Jacked Jacks:
+specialize in restoration
-small number of employees
-narrow range of services offered

Unique Nika:
+specialize in restoration
+largest employee base
+Second cheapest
+widest range of services offered

Leafing leaving Liev
-most expensive
-second smallest employee base
-looks like a more expensive version of Unique Nika

Questions for applicants:
1) What are some projects that you have already completed? Can we look at some of your previous work?
2) How did you arrive at your price per job? Is this the price for restoration or a complete rebuild? Is it negotiable?
3) Why are you the right choice for this job?
4) What kind of time frame are we looking at for completion of the project?

Initial Recommendation:
Basing my decision strictly on the applications I recommend Unique Nika. Given the fact that they specialize in restoration (a key component of the project), have the largest employee base, the largest range of services to offer, and have come in at the second cheapest bid.

Having completed his recommendation Aevarn moves across the room and takes a seat on the couch.

Round 5

Sitting with one leg crossed over the other, Sankol listens intently as each prospective interviewer gives their thoughts to the group. He makes notes in a small notebook, nodding at different points until everyone has spoken. Closing his notebook, Sankol looks up and says, "Well, quite frankly, you all seem to have good view points, questions, and assessments of the candidates. I'm rather too busy to conduct the interviews myself, but I'd like it if the rest of you would form a committee and proceed with the interviews on behalf of me."

Pausing to take in reactions, Sankol continues, "If you're not up for working with one another, leave now, otherwise, this room is your working space. The interviews will be scheduled in the order they were provided to you. Jiopj will be in tomorrow morning. Jaykob will be in a few anlas after. You will then have time to gather food before Kuanika arrives and finally Leiv will finish out your day." He glances down at his notebook and says, "Be thorough. Don't be afraid to pick more than one if the whole committee agrees. Don't tell anyone they're hired until all of you concur."

Glancing at each of you in turn, Sankol asks, "Are there any questions?"


A shifty-eyed middle aged male gnome shimmies backwards from an air duct. Whispering to himself, "Morpion will need to know this. I have to keep him happy so that he will return my children." He scampers off toward the portal to Fang Cove. "I hope he hasn't tortured them yet. I told him I'd fill him in with whatever he needs as long as they stay safe."

The gnome reaches the cottage with the palm tree. A colossal S'kra Mur casts a spell that does not appear elemental, tapering ribbons of soft yellow extend across the area, pausing to dance in swirls and eddies around him. The gnome suddenly feels no ill intentions toward Morpion.

"Sir! I have news, but what of my children?" says the gnome.

"Hah I told you to bring me news and goings on and I would think about not burning them alive. Do the world some good if I had to slaughter them, two less gnomes." sneers Morpion.

The gnome fills him in on the interviewers and their meeting.

Morpion growls, "They reject me from this, but when they need these El Pasos destroyed they will come calling. Let's see if I can't 'persuade' some of these companies to fix things my way now."

Morpion pulls a tiny red bow with several long hairs attached from his cloak and throws it at the gnome. "Here is the proof they still live, one of them just has a little funny looking haircut. But you keep bringing me tid bits and I'll see that they get back to you in one, maybe two pieces. Now get off my property!"


After patiently (at least by Gnomish standards) hearing Sankol's proposal and assessing her new coworkers, Uzmam almost finishes raising her hand before remarking, "So what's the pay? Gems? Jewels? Treasures?" Blinking as if she was surprised at the words that just left her mouth, she continues, "Well, I mean, we're doing such a favor for such an illustrious organization, that I'm sure they wouldn't want us to leave empty handed! Uh, either way, let's, uh, bring on Jiopj! He did have the funniest gag company name, after all! Pushing Up Walls! I got it! Ah, hah, hrm."


Beronica turns towards Uzmam and arches her eyebrow slightly at the gnomish lady. "First of all, Mistress Uzmam, I believe that we should speak amongst ourselves and settle upon the questions we would like answered in the up coming interviews," she states calmly in response to the shown exuberance. "From what we each have come up with, it seems that we all agree on some level that we do need to know their history of job completion." Glancing down at the few notes on the different companies, she continues in the same tone. "My main concern is Unique Nika. While on paper, they seem what we want, something tells me that there is more there than meets the eye and it is not going to be the most aesthetically pleasing sight."

She looks up from the paper and to each of the other interviewers, "What other information do you feel we should concentrate during this first round of interviews?


Uzmam mutters, "But... money and treasure and stuff! We were hired to talk about this and provide advice, so before we start doing the job even more than we already did during the interviews we oughta make sure we agree on payment for us too, right?"


A faint smile tugs at the corner of Beronica's lips as she looks towards Uzmam. "That is true. We do need to finalize our own contract before we can start discussing others." She turns her full attention to Sankol. "Well, I do believe that having a group of us instead of one is a wise decision, as you can see," she says while gesturing to the assembled group. "This way we can check ourselves and ensure that most perspectives are covered."


Nodding in silent agreement, Aevarn can’t help but agree with Uzmam’s statement. He quickly riffles through his notes organizing them in the order for which the interviews are set to take place. Perhaps if everything goes well, this job can be the start of something big. He shakes his head slightly not likely, how am I ever going to get the four of us to agree of anything…


"I have to agree with Beronica and Uzmam," Athan says. "I learned a long time ago to get payment promises in writing and up front." He leans forward, a cool glint in his stormy grey eyes as he stares at the clerk. "What's in it for us?"

Round 6

Looking startled, Sankol listens to Uzmam's remarks and starts to answer with, "Well... I.." before quieting back down as Beronica begins to speak. He listens to each remark, his face growing an alarming shade of pink at each mention of payment.

As everyone falls silent again, Sankol breathes deeply and says, "I suppose if payment is what is most" he glances at Uzmam as he continues speaking, "desired to be known, then I'll let you know that this job pays twenty platinum upon completion. If you wish alternate payment, you may choose to have a private session with whichever contractor is hired, to have work performed at your own home."

He glances at each of you and asks, "Are these terms acceptable?"


Aevarn nods to Sankol "These terms are acceptable." He then resumes perusing the contractors applications, preparing himself for the upcoming interviews.


Uzmam perks up before exclaiming, "Treasure's always neat!" Ruffling over the resumes once again, she adds, "And knowing I can bug the person we hire for some personal work makes it worth trying to find the best person for the job. I don't want any junk made on my coin, either!"


Beronica tilts her head a little to the side then gives a nod of agreement. "That is acceptable, Mister Sankol," she states with a faint smile towards the man. Once the others have mentioned their agreement, she turns back to the notes of the upcoming interviews. "Like I hinted at before, we should come up with a group of questions to ask each prospect. Job history is the one thing we seem to agree upon. What else should we focus upon?"

Round 7

As the day of interviews dawns, Jiopj walks into the Estate Holder Headquarters and without pausing to knock, opens up the door to the interview room. Seeing a panel of people gathered, he turns and heads towards them saying, "Look, I know I'm a few roisaen late, but I've got a good reason. Anyway, I'm Jiopj, owner of Pushing Up Walls." He sets up a large sign nearby with his logo on it. ( )

Not waiting for a response, Jiopj quickly says, "We specialize in masonry, as I believe my application mentioned and we can assure you that despite some rumors, my crew is properly licensed." He folds his arms across his chest and waits for the interviewers.

Standing before you is Jiopj, a Human. He has a square face, a swollen, blackened left eye and an ale brown right eye. He has cropped black hair and weathered, tanned skin with a strapping yet stout build. He is wearing a pair of stained canvas overalls, a heavy leather toolbelt, and a pair of thick black boots. You cannot help but notice he has no shirt on under his overalls.


Aevarn quickly scribbles out several questions and a few additional notes for Pushing up Walls. He leans in closely to ensure that only his fellow interviewers can hear and quietly says “I’m not sure who wants to begin, and I know we probably want to keep this short; however, this fellow raises more than a few red flags”. He then shows each interviewer his list of questions, patiently waiting for them to add their own to the list…

1) What reason could you possibly have for being late to quite possibly the largest contract in the province?
2) Can we see the paperwork confirming that the crew has been properly licensed?
3) What ever happened to your eye? (I completely understand that this might not be a completely appropriate question for an interview but I just have to know)


Uzmam blinks twice before loudly exclaiming, "WHERE IS YOUR SHIRT DID THOSE RUMOR-FOLKS STEAL IT DO YOU NEED A GUARD OR SOMETHING?!" Catching herself a few moments later, she turns to the group and loudly whispers, "I think this guy's been roughed up! Maybe he needs our help more than a job! I don't know if we should hire someone who is in trouble or something... not only is he beaten up and half dressed, but someone stole the walls from his logo, and that's like... MOST of what he's supposed to be known for! What if they steal his REAL walls, too?!"

After her outburst to Jiopj and slightly-more-calm-but-not-much comment the group, she attempts to calm herself down, more focused on wanting to learn if there are some local goons to beat up since she's already decided this person doesn't seem in the best spot to begin a major project.