Kennels, The

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The Kennel
Province Therengia
Town Rossgallan Keep
Map Ranik's Map 34b
Owner Nicoly Rossman
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Rossgallan Keep, Kennel]
An assortment of dogs, confined in simple willow pens, bay noisily as the assistant kennel-master moves about tending to their needs. The kennel contains no lady's lap dogs, just working dogs that guard the local sheep or work the boats on the lake, or hunting dogs bred to pursue everything from rabbits to deer.

Item Price Done
1. a sturdy apricot mastiff 180,000   !!
2. a Gwenalion water dog 180,000   
3. a shaggy blue-grey staghound 180,000   !!
4. a tri-color brachet 180,000   !!
5. a light brown harrier 180,000   !!
6. a dreadlocked Therengian sheepdog 180,000   !!
7. a black and tan Rossgallan setter 180,000