The Greensward Pact

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The Greensward Pact
Sanctioned Province: unknown
City Base: unknown
Active Members: unknown
Website: [unknown unknown]
Twitter: None
Speaker: unknown
Vice Speaker: unknown
Treasurer: unknown
Council Members

Not Listed

Not Listed

There are rumors and whispers that The Greensward Pact exists, but to date, this is only rumor.


~~ The Greensward Pact ~~

Sanctioning Province: unknown

The goal and purposes of this secret society are unknown as none have been able to confirm its existence.

Sponsorship Required: unknown
Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: unknown
Guilds Welcome: unknown
Races Welcome: unknown

Speaker of the Order: unknown
Vice Speaker: unknown
Treasurer: unknown
Council Members:

Former Speakers



This secret society is unknown to exist.

Symbol of The Greensward Pact

To date, there have been no confirmed members of this pact. If members are marked in some way, it is unknown.


As it is unknown whether this organization exists, no one knows how or if it is even possible to join this selective society. It is rumored that membership is by invitation only.