Terrific Turnip (1)

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The Terrific Turnip
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
Owner Emanda
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Miscellaneous shops, Shield shops, Fletching shops, Alchemy shops, Gor'Tog shops, Gnome shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Terrific Turnip]
An assortment of mismatched lanterns spreads a warm glow over this small room, while the scent of fresh earth and greens permeate the air with an outdoorsy appeal. Makeshift shelves and pine cabinets dot the wall behind the long counter that divides the space neatly in half. A weary Gor'Tog woman dozes in an over-stuffed chair near the fireplace. A pair of tripod tables stands to either side of the entrance. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: west.

On the red shelf
Item Price Done
black and white mottled cowhide boots 1,443   !!
steel-toed leather boots 1,443   !!
sturdy boots with turnip-shaped pockets 1,262   !!
scuffed suede workboots with broken laces 902   !!
On the blue shelf
Item Price Done
bright red suede clogs 766   No
creamy white suede clogs 766   No
colorful leather clogs painted with a turnip patch 766   No
leather clogs painted with flying turnips 766   No
On the green shelf
Item Price Done
plain felt hat neatly embroidered with the word "TURNIP" 135   !!
jaunty veiled hat with an attached blonde wig 902   !!
simple wool hat embroidered with turnips 180   !!
floppy-brimmed straw hat hung with a variety of preserved turnips 541   !!
woven straw hat wreathed with a band of silk turnip leaves 541   !!
charming woven reed hat decorated with a large spidery purple bloom 586   !!
In the low pine cabinet
Item Price Done
gardener's apron embroidered with a turnip patch 902   No
unbleached canvas apron accented by turnip-shaped rivets 902   No
fine linen apron embroidered with a family of turnips 902   No
turnip-patterned apron with deep pockets 902   No
foraging apron embroidered with flying turnips 902   !!
In the large pine cabinet
Item Price Done
fur-lined cashmere cape intricately stitched with a clinging fox 27,060   No
heavy leather gentleman's cloak 13,530   !!
loose-fitting bowman's cloak with a vivid scene on the back 13,530   No
silver silk lady's cloak embroidered with a delicate scene 31,570   No
flowing dark grey traveler's cloak with silver trim 13,530   No
worn leather scout's cloak with muted green accents 4,510   !!
On the long counter, In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
burnished yellow-gold ring inset with a sardonyx turnip 2,255   !!
platinum ring set with a sparkling yellow sapphire turnip 902   !!
oversized turnip-shaped ruby earrings 1,804   !!
silver hoop earrings with sparkling yellow sapphire turnips 1,804   !!
On the long counter, In the shallow tray
Item Price Done
tooled boar hide anklet trimmed with copper braid 4,510   !!
anklet strung from interlocking silver and gold turnips 4,510   
hammered copper armband set with gemstone turnips 7,216   !!
wide leather wristband tooled with stalking turnips 721   !!
heavy gold bracelet hung with turnip charms 902   !!
On the tripod table
Item Price Done
cedar-handled hide scraper inset with a bronze turnip 811   
leather-wrapped wood shaper inlaid with a copper turnip 811   
cedar-handled skinning knife inset with a bronze turnip 811   
cedar-handled carving knife inset with a bronze turnip 811   
On the tripod table
Item Price Done
ceramic mortar painted with a party of soused turnips 1,353   
ceramic pestle painted with a giggling turnip 1,353   
glittered clay mortar in the shape of a ripe turnip 451   
glittered clay pestle capped with a silver turnip 451   

[The Terrific Turnip, Taproot Territory]
Clutter covers every surface of this cramped room, which appears to serve as both a sales floor and a storage closet. The overflowing boxes and chests that litter the floor give the room a mazelike quality. Hanging from the haphazardly hung hooks along the far the wall is a motley assortment of weapons, interspersed with strings of dried turnips. A rusty iron armor stand leans dispiritedly against a rotting pine chest near the inviting doorway.
Obvious exits: east.

In the pine chest
Item Price Done
stained target shield emblazoned with a snickering turnip 4,510   !!!!
steel-banded targe emblazoned with a ferociously scowling turnip 3,608   !!!!
polished oval shield painted with a great turnip battle scene 5,863   !!!!
polished silver shield inlaid with a jovial slug 5,863   !!!!
blackened steel oval shield inlaid with an angry vixen 1,353   !!!!
ornately carved medium shield embellished with a golden turnip 6,765   !!!!
engraved medium shield with a mischievous turnip 6,765   !!!!
gem encrusted kite shield depicting the plight of a river frog 31,570   !!!!
tower shield 9,020   !!!!
gold-washed target shield emblazoned with a bunch of chickens 4,510   !!!!
crimson kite shield painted with a fearsome warrior turnip 8,118   !!!!
tarnished tower shield etched with a broken hearted turnip 9,020   !!!!
In the oversized chest
Item Price Done
purple and silver helm forged in the shape of an uprooted turnip 4,510   !!!!
purple and silver mail gloves designed to resemble a turnip 902   !!!!
matte ebony heavy plate gauntlets inset with a hematite ornament 2,706   !!!!
matte ebony visored helm set with a carved hematite 4,510   !!!!
pair of dusky green-grey heavy plate gauntlets 2,706   !!!!
dusky green-grey helm 7,216   !!!!
pitted verdigris mail gauntlets trimmed in bronze 902   !!
pair of pitted verdigris gauntlets trimmed in bronze 1,353   !!!!
pitted verdigris armet helm with a dull bronze visor 7,216   No
pitted verdigris chain balaclava with a dull bronze band around the forehead 7,216   !!
In the Overflowing Box
Item Price Done
large fossilized turnips with lead leaves 9,020   !!
carved ironwood turnips with star ruby eyes 6,314   !!
colorfully painted wooden turnips 1,804   !!
stuffed snarling battle turnips 811   !!
hollow smiley-faced turnips 180   No
graceful dancing turnips wearing ball gowns 451   !!
In the wooden box
Item Price Done
turnip-shaped stones 90   !!
fossilized turnips 90   !!
gnarled fossilized turnip with an extended root 1,353   
lumpy turnip bag 902   No
turnip-stitched sling 496   
carved cedar staff sling 766   !!!!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
twisted and gnarled quarter staff topped with a fossilized turnip 902   
wooden bo stick engraved with flying vegetables 992   
twisted and gnarled short staff topped with a carved wooden turnip 1,804   
war hammer with a rough stone head carved to resemble a turnip 2,706   
On the armor stand
Item Price Done
purple and silver chain mail with leather leaf accents 9,020   !!!!
matte ebony field plate armor accented with a hematite insignia 27,060   !!!!
full plate armor of dusky green-grey 45,100   !!
pitted verdigris field plate armor embellished with a bronze medallion 27,060   No
pitted verdigris augmented hauberk embellished with a bronze medallion 9,020   !!

[The Terrific Turnip, Emanda's Nook]
Sparse of furnishing, this tidy room seems out of place. Trophy fish line the walls, iridescent scales gleaming with care. A long table rests along the far wall, an assortment of food and drinks neatly placed upon it. Oversized orange chairs that have been embroidered with turnips fill the rest of the space, giving customers a place to think. You also see a doorway back to the main shop and a neatly lined shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the neatly lined shelf
Item Price Done
steel tankard engraved with a snickering turnip 7,216   !!
dented turnip-shaped tankard 7,216   !!
stoneware tankard painted with the portrait of a tipsy turnip 7,216   !!
oaken tankard with a lid carved to resemble a foamy head of ale 7,216   !!
frosted-glass tankard set with a shield-shaped medallion 7,216   !!
enameled pewter tankard with a shield-shaped lid 7,216   !!