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Usage Documentation

This template will take the skillcodes associated with EXPERIENCE and convert them to their skills.

In addition, to assist with armor type processing, it will return and SSH, MSH or LSH as Small Shield, Medium Shield, or Large Shield. To disable this, add |disableadd=n to the variable list.

In the case of most items, the 2.0 codes will be returned as the 3.0 codes, with the exception of the weapons which still have size restrictions, such as Medium/Light edges for offhand and backstabbing. If "t=" is set to "s" then it will return the skill used for the weapon, while otherwise it will return the weapon type.

If the code for neutral plate is added, as it no longer exists, it will spit out an error code.

If there are no matches, this template will return SKILLCODE ERROR, unless the variable |error= is included. If error is set to empty or to whitespace, nothing will be returned on error, otherwise the given string will be returned.

Note: All variable contents will be handled on case insensitive basis.



Additional options are: