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Empty Post!
This message was originally posted in an unknown folder, by an unknown author on the play.net forums.

Usage Documentation

This is a template for replicating play.net forum posts to retain information against their eventual purge.

Be sure to refer to the Elanthipedia:Manual_of_Style/Posts before using this template!

t Title of the post
d Date and time of the post
n Number of the post
f Is the forum folder where it was posted
a Author of the post (play.net account)
c The type of post this is. Valid options are m (mechanics), r (game lore), e (events), l (logs), d (development), p (policy), and/or o (obsolete). Multiple types should be separated by ,s.
p Contains the body of the post.
sub Subjects the post talks about. Used to automatically populate to Template:RefAl.
list If the name is odd, you can optionally add where it will be listed in Category:Forum Posts with this variable.
obsolete if set to yes or true, will prevent category inclusion.