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Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown

Usage Documentation

The template is for use with both GMNPCs and standard atmospheric NPCs.

Variable Supported Values Usage
name Name if different from pagename
alias# Any names besides the current one in use.
guild -/(guild) Use "-" if they have no guild.
race <race>/u Use "u" if the race information is not given, but other information is.
gender m/f/- Use "-" if there's no discernable gender.
status y/n/u/h To be compatable with previous versions, "y" means alive, "n" means dead, "u" means unknown, and "h" means a historical figure.
pstatus y/n/u/h See above, but for the Platinum instance.
location location name
Where the NPC is found, or "-" if not applicable.
map number Which map the NPC can be found on.
type# Any special status they have.
assoc <name>,<page name2>|<name2>,... Any NPC associates of note.
relat <name>,<page name2>|<name2>,... Any NPC relatives.
task craft,delivery,kill,kill boss,kill recovery,
forage,recover,recover area,search,skinning
What tasks the NPC gives. See Property:Gives task type for details.