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A template to list foraging details on a foraged item's page. T must be set to what kind of material it is, either "h" (herb) or "g" (general foraged item).

{{Foraging details|name=Name|t=h|rank=Rank|season=Season|time=Time|condition=Condition|terrain=Terrain|heals=Heals}}
{{Foraging details|name=Name|t=g|rank=Rank|season=Season|time=Time|condition=Condition|terrain=Terrain}}

Name        = Foraged item name (Optional - if different from the page name)
Rank        = Outdoorsmanship rank required (Do not use special characters such as "~" or "?"
Season      = all or winter/spring/summer/fall (use "," to separate each)
Time        = all or day/night (use "," to separate each if both)
Condition   = Indoors, Xibar is up, Yavash is up, Katamba is up (use "," to separate each, "-" if none)
Terrain     = any, badland, boreal forest, chapparal, coastal, deciduous forest, desert, freshwater wetland, highland mountain,
               ice cap, marine, rainforest, rural cultivated, savannah, scrub and thorn, steppe, urban cultivated (use "," to separate each)
Heals       = Mix and match from the following: (use a space to separate each, not a comma.)
              Location: head, eye, neck, face, chest, abdomen, back, torso, limb, nerve, skin, all
              Type: internal, external, wounds, scars
              E.g. external back wounds, all internal scars, external torso wounds, etc.