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A template for handling player created items.


Property Expected
name blank/<text> A property for setting the name of the template should it be different from the article name.
noun <text> The noun of the item this template produces.
mat metal/stone/leather
The material that this template is expected to be made from. On sigil items, put number total needed then use "matdetail" to list them. On herb items, put total volume needed then use "matdetail" to list them.
matdetail <text> On sigil items, separate multiple with a comma (,). On herb items: (qty) <primary herb>, (qty) <secondary herb>
range <range> If this produces a weapon, the combat range of the weapon.
style <type> The combat type of the item produced.
rare blank/y Whether this template requires special instructions to create.
dif <difficulty> The difficulty of the template.
vol <#>/<stone size> The amount of material required to make this item.
vol2 blank/<#> A rare few templates produce products that weigh more or less than the material that went into them. Put the equivalent amount of material that it uses for final weight.
tech <technique> The crafting technique relevant to this item.
<first blank> <#> External length.
<second blank> <#> External width.
<third blank> <#> External height.
<fourth blank> <#> Internal length. (not enabled yet)
<fifth blank> <#> Internal width. (not enabled yet)
<sixth blank> <#> Internal height. (not enabled yet)
const blank/s Whether the item has the standard construction for its type (s), nor not (blank).
book <crafting book> The crafting book that contains this template.
ident1 blank/<page name> If this is identical to another item, list the actually page name here.
ident2 blank/<plain name> If this is identical to another item, list the item's name here.
race blank/<race> Any race this item might be specially styled for.
note <text> Any special notes that need to show up in a table listing of the item.
sub blank/y Whether or not this is a subpage for another crafting page.
link blank/<page name> If a subpage, the name of the master page.

Weapon Specific

Property Expected
swap blank/y Whether the weapon produced is swappable.
itype <text> The subtype of weapon, such as sword or battle axe. If it is a two word type, noun should be set as well.

Armor Specific

Property Expected
itype chain/brig/plate/armor
The type of item this template produces. Use "armor" for all other types.
The type of shield produced. Small Shield, Medium Shield, or Large Shield.
type <type>/armor If metal armor, the specific type of metal armor. Use "armor" for non-metal armors.
prot blank/<area>,
Areas protected by the product.