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Copyright Problem


  • We are concerned about the copyright status and/or missing attribution of [[:File:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]. Please respond here within 3 days, or the image will be deleted.
  • Images on Elanthipedia must either be created by or for the poster, or permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. Please include the original source (artist and/or copyright holder) when posting images. Like most other wikis, Elanthipedia does not allow images of unknown or unverifiable origin. --Elanthipedia:Copyrights
  • Note: Manipulating or modifying an image that someone else created does not make it solely your own for the purpose of Elanthipedia's copyright policy. You must still get permission from the original content creator, and the file page must link to the original source.
  • Attribution Requirements: All image files require the following attribution on the file page:
  • name of artist (can simply be the artist's DR account or character name if it was created by you or another player)
  • character or group for which it was created
  • If the image was not created by you or for you, you must get permission from the copyright holder before uploading it to Elanthipedia. Please include a link to the original along with the statement of permission.
  • Example of a proper attribution:
Portrait of Sarkranis by the player of Ausmodius
Commissioned by Sarkranis; used with permission.

Usage Documentation

This marker is used to alert a user that one of the images they have uploaded may be in violation of copyright law.

When using this tag, Template:CRVioP should be posted on the image page.

{{CRVio | <name of image> }}