Tastelessly Tacky (6)

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Tastelessly Tacky
Event Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tastelessly Tacky, Island Division]
Colorful batiks drape in loose swags from the rafters, clashing vividly with the purple and yellow painted walls and floors. The tables containing the merchandise are daubed with large spots of colors over the bare wood of the furniture. Gilt hooks on the walls hold glass lanterns that illuminate the room.
You also see a green-spotted table with several things on it and an orange-spotted table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the green-spotted table
Item Price Done
hyacinth-blue linen shirt with lime-green lace at the throat and cuffs 1,500   !!
ebon-hued dress embroidered with silver skull and crossbones 1,800   
cardinal-red lace veil edged with green silk embroidery 2,000   
pair of corded sandals with yellow cloth flowers on the straps 2,000   
cloth of gold girdle embroidered with purple skull and crossbones 3,500   
deep brown velvet vest with a painted bull on the back 1,000   !!
goldenrod damask tunic trimmed with purple silk fringe 5,000   
orange-red canvas cloak painted with a brown badger on the back 3,000   !!
On the orange-spotted table
Item Price Done
yellow-orange top hat with a chocolate brown band 3,000   !!
wine-colored silk cloak lined with cloth of silver 2,000   
lilac silk blouse with light yellow spots 1,000   !!
bright red velvet robe embroidered with grey sharks along the hem 3,000   !!
snow-white knit cap with a bright pink yarn ball on the top 500   
swamp-green lawn dress with white lace trim 1,400   
bright yellow wool jacket embroidered all over with tiny black bees 6,000   
burgundy hennin with silver and gold tissue veils 4,000