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Tastelessly Tacky
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tastelessly Tacky, Vestibule]
Crystals encrusted on the walls glitter in the warm glow of the candelabra resting on the white harpsichord positioned in the center of the room. Next to the instrument is a mannequin dressed in a dazzlingly white ensemble. A pure white wool rug, its plush pile thick and luxurious, covers the ground. You also see a pink and purple door.

On the white mannequin
Item Price Done
white velvet jacket lined with white ermine fur 58,630   !!
wide white leather belt studded with crystals 18,040   
white silk shirt with ruffles down the front 27,060   
white leather pants with crystals on the outside seams 18,040   !!
pair of white shoes 13,530   
white-rimmed spectacles encrusted with diamond dust 22,550   
white fur cloak 108,240   !!

[Tastelessly Tacky, Containers]
Fake leopard-print wallpaper covers the walls, clashing with the zebra-skin rugs on the black and white checked wooden floor. A counter, covered with red dyed fur, holds containers for sale.

On the fur-covered counter
Item Price Done
snow-white satin backpack with puce straps 1,804   !!
cloth-of-gold backpack trimmed with white fur 9,020   !!
mauve felt backpack with appliqued centaurs on the front 1,353   !!
olive-green and yellow plaid knapsack 1,353   !!
cloth-of-silver knapsack with lime-green leather straps 3,608   !!
orange brocade knapsack with a skull clasp 1,804   !!
scarlet velvet knapsack with orange flames worked on the leather straps 3,608   !!
bright yellow sailcloth rucksack painted with a black zombie 902   !!

[Tastelessly Tacky, Clothing]
Pink painted walls enclose a wooden floor stained purple. A bright blue table stands in the middle of the room, displaying various clothing items for sale.

Note: stock rotates, list may not be complete!

On the blue table
Item Price Done
pumpkin-colored muslin girdle 4,961   !!
purple brocade coif with rich embroidery 1,804   !!
chartreuse wool cloak trimmed in ruby-red cord 5,863   !!
bright pink socks 451   
lemon-yellow damask frock coat 6,765   !!
emerald-green hose 2,255   !!
fur muff dyed orange 5,863   
silvery-grey silk frock coat with lime-green trim 4,961   !!
scarlet silk girdle 5,863