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Tamerlane Souldrinker
Status: Unknown
Aliases: Trueheart
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

A "Dark" Paladin that was at odds with the Paladin Council. Last seen on Aesry searching for a Paladin relic that the Council was supposedly hiding.


He has black eyes, short straight black hair that is loose, and pale skin.
He is young for a Human.

He is wearing a long black kite shield emblazoned with a dull grey vulture in flight, an onyx ring carved with the paladin guild crest surmounted by a vulture, a belt of dingy white rope coiled about the waist in three loops, a smoky grey cape of fine wool, a gold and platinum medallion inlaid with a black pearl vulture, a pair of rugged, blackened, Dwarven combat boots, a bloodstained tabard cut from fine sable cloth, some articulated gauntlets of black interlocking plates, some scorched and blackened field plate armor, a ruddy gold helm affixed with long curving horns, an intricately tooled weapon harness and some silver spurs.