Tall chef

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A tall chef
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Type: merchant


Wearing a tall white hat that is topped by a billowing pile of linen, the chef sports a bushy mustache underneath his bulbous nose. A sporty red bow-tie is affixed to the neck of his striped blue shirt. For some unexplained reason, he wears a short bow across his back and has a quiver of arrows attached to his belt.


Saying he's going to make "Fishie chowder", the chef begins adding ingredients to a large cauldron. However, the live fish he adds fights back, trying to steal the spoon and splashing the chef with the water. Eventually, the chef gives up and pitches the contents of the cauldron outside.

Suddenly shaking his cleaver, the chef cries out "Bhorq, Bhorq, Bhorq!"

Rushing through the area, the chef chases a tiny lobster that is escaping.

Preparing a salad, the chef throws a head of lettuce into the air and slices it with a flight of arrows.

The chef kneels down and tells a chicken, "Egg!" The chicken shakes its head in negation and continues sitting on its nest.

The chef attempts to flip a crepe, but it sticks to the ceiling. In an attempt to unstick them, he manages to almost shoot himself with an arrow, without getting the crepe free. He shrugs, and continues cooking.