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Stats discussion on discord

Zadraes — 2021-03-20 at 1:08 PM

Bulls are an example of that...because we wanted them to have some range in the new area...we put them at their intended skills/stats for their level instead of the custom-set stuff. So their stats are different from the original storm bull area, which is likely affecting their magic.

The original bull area uses their original template -- no +/- in spawns. They're set to a level 90 creature, but their hand-set skills/stats evaluate to a level 109 I think it was.

So in the new area, we just gave them standard stats/skills for a level 109 creature. In the open-to-all, they can be -2 to +2 (so 107-111). In the Premi area, they're a base level of 111 with a 0-4 range (so 111-115). A creature's level/skills/stats is set at the time it spawns...once it spawns it doesn't change.