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Voice in the Ways

An instinctual dread crawls up to your head from the base of your spine. A chorus of voices, joined in inhuman rage, scream out in your mind, "Kill the Defiler! Shatter the bones! Bathe in the blood! Remove the skein of Fate! Kill the Defiler! Kill the Defiler!"


A skinny Human, pale-skinned and with red hair, appears in the distance. At the sight of him, the alien thoughts invading your mind crescendo and turn into a thread of distorted Common. The entity's mouth remains closed in a scowl, but you can hear him all the same.

"Your arrogance is without limit. Here you are, outside even your own plane, spreading the poison of your names; your ambition; your pathetic, mortal failings!" The stream of thoughts condenses in a brain-searing point of rage before becoming comprehendible again. "Would that I could make you suffer even a fraction of the violence you inflict on us." The distortion in the entity's "voice" grows, yet you sense a tone of ritual within it. "I was named Pelag ai Aldam. The Defilers of Fate are mine to claim and I demand sacrifice!" The man and the psychic barrage vanish abruptly.