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Do we want to consider this as a "Has Gems" creature since the thealstones are flagged as gems? It doesn't always turn into a thealstone, and its not "technically" a drop, since the body has a chance to turn into one. Thoughts? --Ysselt 10:38, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

I'd say yes. It's close enough for government work. -Moderator Caraamon Makdasi(talk) 13:02, 2 March 2011 (UTC)


GMs have said that they're meant for people with ~225-250 skill range (or sometimes just saying low to mid 200s). Not sure if it needs the lower end verified beyond that. —TEVESHSZAT 20:18, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

With 228 parry, 268 shield, 204 evasion with stance at 45evasion, 100parry, 100 shield (total of 245 is correct) these are getting light hits on me and getting good stuns with their special attack although the follow up strikes are being deflected by the heavy plate (250 hp skill). So they are doable but definitely capable of killing me because of the stun balance hit. Can hit them modestly well at 170 halberds skill. Agil 32, reflex 30 and all others at least 27. - Aravaine