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Lomtaun says, "I was ambushed outside of Throne City."

Lomtaun says, "A few dozen shadow masters attacked me."

Larcus says, "Our connection was briefly severed during the height of the Shrew's feasting upon the Obelisk's energies."

Larcus says, "Karosti was holding a grimorie of some sort as well. Drawing from that."

Frigeon says, "they used the book stolen from tiv's fortress"

Malcontente says, "IT appeared to be a "dusty tome" but I couldn't tell anymore about it"

Khaman says, "I do believe it was an original edition of Thee Mottly'd Text."

Khaman says, "The Guild Leaders were passing it around in a research project."

Lomtaun asks, "The Goldcaps, then, will summon our bretheren from afar?"

Lomtaun says, "A meeting such as not been seen since the Accord was first signed."

Conversation Topics


Lomtaun says, "There is enough work to keep me busy with just one Guildhall. I don't know how Alris handles two."


Lomtaun replies, "Oh, she's a tough one. A Barbarian, and a S'Kra, no less."


Lomtaun winks and says, "There's a difference between staring at the sky and having your head in the clouds."


Lomtaun smiles and a spark of excitement crosses his normally placid visage, "How to describe the wonders of a lifetime? We are the masters of all things celestial, from manipulating the mana of the spheres, to weaving the threads of fate as reflected in starlight. We are the Guardians of the Future as the Bards are the Guardians of the Past. Among the Moon Mages, you will find the diversity to tread nearly any path if your resolve is strong enough."

Lomtaun gazes into the mosaic whirlpool as he speaks. "While I am no gypsy, I do allow Fate to lead me where it may. For this reason, I associate most closely with the ways of the Fortune's Path sect. There are several boats moored here at the island, piloted by those who can tell you more."


Lomtaun says, "Ah, the lovely Gylwyn. That smile of hers has captivated more than one student, I can tell you. And perhaps a Guildleader or two," he adds with a wink.


Lomtaun says, "Have you seen that axe he carries?" He grins mischievously, "I would not want to blaspheme in his presence."


Lomtaun laughs, "When the wind is right, you can hear him yelling from here!"


Lomtaun grows serious for a moment, "Tragic, what happened to his friend, and even more tragic that he blames himself. But some good has come of it, I think. He has grown as a person since."


Lomtaun grins at you and says, "I bet he'd be a lot more fun if he would lighten up a bit."

==Tyrsan Lomtaun responds, "Oh, he's a sailor at heart, I think. Not that I can blame him, of course."


Lomtaun grins, "Ah, a Dwarf with the tongue of a Bard. If that's not a contradiction, I don't know what is."